There is a big change coming to pip in October -- a watershed moment, a minor revolution. It'll be a great foundation for making it easier to deal with packaging.

This is a thread where I'll share some of the stuff @`ThePyPA can build on that foundation.

· · Web · 1 · 5 · 10 A pip option to show what versions of packages are currently available. Maybe something like `pip install --dry-run`. This issue has been open since 2011. It's blocked on the new resolver.

Show thread Dealing properly with the interaction of constraints & pinned requirements. Like, if



then pip should install urllib3==1.24.3, not 1.25.2.

Can't do this till pip's got the new resolver.

Show thread Add a `pip upgrade-all` command. Instead of having to specify what pip should upgrade, or use a workaround add-on tool, it would be great to have a built-in tool to upgrade all packages in the environment. Wanted since 2011. Awaits the new resolver

Show thread Add a "never" option for ``--upgrade-strategy``. Let the user set up a safeguard to avoid accidentally upgrading a particular package.

users want this too. The new resolver makes it a lot more possible.

Show thread Some folks are interested in splitting out some parts of the standard library into standalone packages, so that we can ship fixes quicker, and make the core smaller.

The new pip resolver would make this new state of affairs smoother.

Show thread Use pipenv to handle packaging? It's got several open dependency resolution issues awaiting the resolver, or depending on pip-tools adapting to the new resolver.

Show thread Warning the user when uninstalling, or upgrading, a package that other already-installed packages depend on. Waiting on the new pip resolver.

The list goes ON. The main issue has 172 comments, 62 participants, a zillion interlinks.

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What even is a dependency resolver and why is it important? And where did @`ThePSF and @`ThePyPA get the money to make this happen, after years of preparatory work? explains, and thanks @`mozilla and @`ChanZuckerberg .

(Midyear report )

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We applied for & got USD $407K in funding to do this work. Want to follow our lead? Read or watch my ten-minute @`PyOhio
talk "Apply for Grants To Fund Work". Sample funders, project help, case study, & tips.

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The new pip resolver will also unblock or even fix problems affecting hatch, Spyder, Django, cherrypy, cheroot, six, certbot,, Canonical's DevOps tool Juju, and more -- some of the cases we know, we listed in

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