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boost from birdsite, GoodReads alternative 

boosting Recurse Center

This weekend's Joy of Computing:

Book Wyrm, a federated alternative to Goodreads that lets you track what you're reading and share it with friends. By @`tripofmice .

Try it out here:

boost from birdsite, WisCon 

boosting thread about

Ever wanted to attend a feminist science fiction convention, for free, from your own home? Next weekend, you can! But you need to register by May 20.

boost from birdsite, paid remote gig 

boosting Free Law Project


We are urgently looking for a technical summer intern to work on our massive collection of judicial financial disclosure reports. Please help spread the word! All the details here: Questions:

boost from birdsite, pandemic, usecon 


This crisis lays bare how much our economy depends on unpaid and underpaid labor. There's simply no functioning market without a foundation made up of things that markets can't provide on their own: healthcare, childcare, elder care, and all types of domestic labor.

boost from birdsite, WisCon 


Register by tomorrow (May 20th) for @`wisconsf3 so you can watch our auction Saturday night! List of auction items, and a trailer, at

boost from birdsite, WisCon 

boosting @`WisConSF3

Today is the LAST DAY to register for this year's virtual convention! Sales will close at 7PM Central Time (GMT-5); be sure to get in before then!

A reminder that if you registered for the original *in-person* convention before it was cancelled, your membership was rolled over to NEXT year's con ( in 2021). Double-check that you re-registered for !

boost from birdsite, WisCon 

boosting @`wisconSF3

Registration for is open through Wednesday May 20. The default cost is $10, but you can also register for $0, $25, or $55.

boost from birdsite, Python, request for help 

boosting Nicole Harris

Python people!

The pip team needs your help!

Do you have complex project dependencies?
We want you to try to break pip's new dependency resolver...

Details here:

Please RT!

cc @`bernardtyers

boost from birdsite, education 


Goal for 2020: figure out how to deliver instructor training effectively online when learners have unreliable internet connections. Zoom + Google Docs is great when connections are stable but unfair when they're not.

boost from birdsite, remote conventions 


Andy Wingo
in-person confs are third places where you can think different things, you have no domestic responsibilities or interruptions, and you can catch up w colleagues & friends over backchannel beverages. single-threaded video calls have none of that 🤷

boost from birdsite, Zoom, accessibility 

boosting Katie Cue @`ktquiet

Hey @`zoom_us
- any plans to offer support for your numerous ASL users on the platform? A way to “pin” the interpreters separately from the rest of the content would be awesome

boost from birdsite, scifi 

boosting Nisi Shawl @`NisiShawl

Contract signed, so I'm going ahead to tell you I'm a co-editor of the Library of America's first Octavia Butler volume. @`gerrycanavan
is my co-editor. My contribution's basically writing an intro. Coming out Spring 2021!

boost from birdsite, Python 

boosting Mariatta 🤦 @`mariatta

Lightning Talks
- What do you need from pip, PyPI, and packaging? by Sumana Harihareswara
- A Retrospective on My "Multi-Core Python" Project by Eric Snow


boost from birdsite, hiring 


is hiring for a *ton* of positions, some tech-specific, others not. Building power for Black people and winning real change. Pass it on.

And if we know each other and you apply, lmk.

boost from birdsite, uspol 

boosting @`aishaismad
Drones being used on you. Riot gear first exported to authoritarian states being used on you. This is why you need to care about foreign policy. Those of us in the developing world--we are laboratory rats. It starts with us. It finds its way to you.

boost from birdsite, free pair programming offer 


Dustin Ingram
Going to pair with @`EWDurbin
this Friday again, but starting next week anyone is welcome to grab some time at

Details below

boost from birdsite, GitHub UI 

boosting Yeray Diaz
Does anyone else feel bad when selecting "Request changes" in GitHub reviews?

In my mind it's more of a suggestion...

boost from birdsite, time humor 

Dustin Ingram
hey @pganssle now that you're "python time czar" or whatever, we should probably start a discussion about adding a few more hours to each day

feeling like this whole "days only have 24 hours" thing is definitely a bug

boost from birdsite, teleconferences 

boosting Evan Prodromou
Our remote @`W3C
advisory committee meeting this week has been revolutionary in format. All the presentations were pre-recorded and available to watch at leisure (synchronized speaker, slides and transcripts) a week ago. The conference was 2 days of synchronous Q&A and discussion.

boost from birdsite, programming humor 

boosting amy nguyen
[looking at a test failure]
brain: what is reality? what if logic cannot be trusted? what if I must accept the futility of the premise of software being something that can be reasoned about, what if some mysteries can never be solved... oh haha I made a typo test is passing now

boost from birdsite, stenography 

boosting Intersteno
We are happy to announce the launch of our new free online Intersteno journal: Tiro - The Journal of Professional Reporting and Transcription! Welcome to read and comment on our first issue at

boost from birdsite, cybersecurity 

Great idea. Filed an issue for PyPI:

Boosting Runa Sandvik
This is a great feature and I wish other services would add it.

who boosted Nathaniel Gleicher
8/ To confirm whether an email claiming to be from Facebook is authentic, review recent emails we've sent in your Security and Login Settings: [brainwane did not click through to figure out what this URL is]


Neel Patel has now implemented on to help protect Python package maintainers (and, thus, users). Thanks, Neel, and thanks @`di_codes
for the reviews!

boost from birdsite, nitter link, existential thoughts 

boosting Karen Healey @`kehealey

The universe doesn't care about us, so we need to care about each other. Justice doesn't exist as a substance, but as a process we engage in.


boost from birdsite, nitter link, humorous short video, pandemic 

boosting [humorous threats of violence but no onscreen violence]

This is how all my fights go


How school bullies are expected to act now.

boost from birdsite, nitter link, PyPI scraping 

boosting Dustin Ingram @`di_codes

[see charts at ]

Hello! If you are the proud owner of a Golang script currently scraping the hell out of @`pypi, you might notice that it has stopped working!

@`EWDurbin and I would like to have a chat with you! Email us at k thx!

boost from birdsite, nitter link, sustainability in open source, maintainership 

boosting thread by Luis Villa:

If you're an individual developer who wants to have an independent community whose voice is heard at the decision-making table, figure out how to get paid by many companies, not just one. We're here to help you with that @`tidelift .

boost from birdsite, call for talks and performances 

boosting @`baconandcoconut

Did you know that this year's @`seagl CFP is looking for "Performance ART?" We are, or it is! If performance art for FOSS audience is the invitation you've been waiting for to be your best self, this is 100% your moment.

boost from birdsite, nitter link to thread, platforms and harassment 

boosting Luis Villa

Thread. Kudos to James for having the guts to shut it down. (This didn't start as a subtweet of all the enablers at Facebook, but 🤷‍♂️)

boost from birdsite, nitter link to thread, changes in Python packaging 


👉 Important thread for Python users:

The Pip team is shipping a new dependency resolver and needs *your* help to find issues. Everyone who tries it will know their projects are future-proof and issues can be fixed before they're shipped. That's a win-win!

So how can you help?

boost from birdsite, advice for creators 

boosting Zen Cho @`zenaldehyde

Are you an aspiring creator/freelancer? As someone who's occasionally in the position to make recommendations, let me BEG you to make a website. All you want is a simple professional place on the internet that shows
- what you've done
- what you can do
- how to contact you

boost from birdsite, advice for creators 

boosting Zen Cho some more:

I know people are like "I haven't done anything worthy of putting up a website yet", but it is most helpful if you're just starting out. I can't tell you how annoying it is when I'm like "commission this brilliant short story writer" and all they have is a defunct Tumblr

boost from birdsite, python 

Boosting @`bernardtyers

Are you a user?

Do you have to deal with dependencies? What about conflicting dependencies?

If so, the pip UX Team want to hear from you: fill out this survey:

and sign-up to our UX studies:

boost from birdsite, Portland, air quality 

boosting Christie Koehler @`christi3k 1h ago @christi3k

FYI Portland folks - As of yesterday had furnace filters in stock and we just got a notification they'd shipped. Still gonna be a bit before they get here. But an option to consider, esp since this smoke is gonna stick around for a while yet.

boost from birdsite, request for installation help 


I hate to say it but I think spaCy does better POS tagging (not to mention entity tagging) than nltk, but it is easier to install.

As in I'd like to install spacy but I'm having trouble if anyone wants to help me...

boost from birdsite, nitter link, fun in-browser game 


A Skynet Simulator, by Ed Burnett. Seems harmless!

Source here if you want to confirm for yourself:

boost from birdsite, nitter link, privacy/academia opportunity 

boosting It's time to register for PEPR, you folks who want to do privacy engineering or bolding with respect. Because building better requires a deeply diverse group of us doing this work, there are grants available for students and those traditionally underrepresented.

boost from birdsite, nitter link, accessibility and tech 

boosting thread

Somebody needs to design a streaming platform that is designed to incorporate live captioning. @`youtube used to work, but it literally is useless now. They have abandoned and forsaken the idea of human-produced live captioning. @`zoom works...1/ But some events want a different sort of platform for their events. New platforms are springing up like mushrooms during the pandemic, but NOT ONE OF THEM

boost from birdsite, nitter link, Python packaging, interview video 


What changes are coming to PIP, the most popular package installer on the @`pypi?
@`dsearls & @`aaronnewcomb talk with PIP project manager @`brainwane (who is also a comedian!) and release manager @`pradyunsg.
Listen & subscribe to FLOSS Weekly.

boost from birdsite, nitter link, conference prep for organizers 


I don't know who needs to hear this, but captioners are in extraordinarily high demand right now. Chances of you getting something set up in one day, or same week, or often even same month, are slim. We'll try, but *please* start planning for your captioning needs far in advance!

...This brings up something that separates White Coat Captioning from some other companies:

· · Web · 1 · 0 · 0

boost from birdsite, nitter link, conference prep for organizers 

... We don't take a job unless we are sure we have coverage and we know exactly who's covering it. As opposed to the way of doing business where a company takes every job that comes...
...through the door and then scrambles to find any old body to fill it. And often can't. And leaves the client hanging.

That is crappy, and we don't do that.

boost from birdsite, nitter link, danger and proprietary platforms 


As someone who worked at FB for 8 years, I believe that drastic action is needed to stop FB from accelerating the coming global unrest. Drastic like shutting down link sharing in News Feed and Messenger.

[more in thread]

boost from birdsite, nitter link, open source and Python documentation 


We've been working on a Sphinx extension that lets you write Sphinx docs in 💯 markdown (incl. roles and directives).

We call it "MyST Markdown" (for "Markedly Structured Text").

Give it a shot, and please give feedback!

boost from birdsite, nitter link, online meeting tips 


Online meeting tips 💻

With more meetings moving online to prepare for , I thought I'd share lessons we've learned running @`MozOpenLeaders (online cohort-based training & mentorship) over the years.

A thread 👇

boost from birdsite, occasional-sysadmin tips 

boosting @`simonw

Tip for running your own server/VPS - after you set it up for the first time, reboot it

If you don't you'll find yourself absolutely terrified to reboot it 12 months later because you won't know if it will come back up in working order or not!

boost from birdsite, accessibility, tech events 

boosting @`PyGotham
We’re reallyn excited to announce that all PyGotham talks will include captions and ASL interpretations for the second year in a row!

boost from birdsite, nitter link, question about jobseeking experiences 

boosting Christie Ghouler

Those of you who have taken automated technical assessments as part of hiring: Which platforms have you been asked to use and what was your experience like? I'm particularly interested to hear from neurodivergent / disabled folks.

boost from birdsite, job opportunity 

boosting @`mmillions :

The @`OpenSourceOrg
is looking for a part-time sustainability coordinator. Best part? Working with @`baconandcoconut

boost from birdsite, melancholy and Christmas songs 

boosting Sarah Mackey
@`sarahjanet :

OKAY, 2020 is *bullshit*, I have a CHRISTMAS-RELATED ANNOUNCEMENT.

We are going ALL IN on the MUDDLE THROUGH SOMEHOW version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas this year. GTFO with your bullshit highest bough. IF EVER THERE WAS A YEAR FOR MUDDLING. Tell your friends.

boost from birdsite, bike safety 



Retweet if you got hit by a car.

Like if drivers threatened to kill you.

boost from birdsite, psychology and education 

boosting @`pbkalra

Phone numbers were such a handy example to use to introduce working memory (span, chunking, rehearsal). But not sure undergrads will find it relevant. What do you use? Or do they still "get it" even though they've never had to rehearse a # while walking from phonebook to phone?

boost from birdsite, GMail 

boosting @`jwbrockman

Hey did you know Gmail actually has a storage limit and stops working when you hit it unless you delete stuff or pay them? Because I know that now.

boost from birdsite, starchy food 

boosting @`jwbrockman

A place near me makes a spaghetti calzone, in case you need bread on top as well as bread underneath your spaghetti. Tried it once, regrettably pretty good.

boost from birdsite, narcissism assessment 


@`jwbrockman Replying to
@`AITA_reddit :

Really impressive to be able to tell an entire story from your own side, exactly the way you want to frame it, and still everyone can figure out you’re the asshole

boost from birdsite, research and scholarship access 


Who has online access to OUP (and wants to help me out)?

boost from birdsite, HCI, music theory, lisp, nitter link to thread 

boosting @mala from birdsite

do you know lisp and music theory and maybe have a soupçon of weirdo computer-human-interaction chops? i have a question!

boost from birdsite, alternatives to Slack 


Hey if you’re defaulting to creating a new community on slack in 2020, I, a person who makes their living doing community consulting, will give you an entirely free consultation to weigh up the pros and cons and possibly find a better option for what you’re after

boost from birdsite, speculative fiction, crowdfunding 

boosting Announcing Mermaids Monthly! by @`omgjulia

boost from birdsite, speculative fiction, giveaway 

boosting Candlemark & Gleam

Giveaway: Leonard Richardson's Situation Normal, Nov 16 to Dec 13, w/ linked companion story Four Kinds of Cargo!
A satirical yet deeply poignant mil space opera, SN got high praise from & @`ALA_Booklist
. Launches Dec 14! @leonardr

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boost from birdsite, nitter link, open source and Python documentation 

@brainwane this is very cool!!! speaking as someone who has frequently wound up in a sphinx ecosystem and tried to just write markdown as much as possible

boost from birdsite, nitter link, open source and Python documentation 

@axfelix It really is so neat and exciting!! I've been in a similar situation! I just went back to and remembered!!

boost from birdsite, nitter link, open source and Python documentation 

@brainwane I am actually in the middle of applying to rc so hopefully I will have the privilege of... considering zulip's technical debt in this context :)

boost from birdsite, nitter link, open source and Python documentation 

@axfelix Would you mind unpacking that for me? I am not sure I understand! Good luck with your RC application!

boost from birdsite, nitter link, open source and Python documentation 

@brainwane oh I just meant from the issue you linked to the RTD!

boost from birdsite, nitter link, open source and Python documentation 

@axfelix Oh I see, you mean, if you get into RC and use RC's Zulip instance, you would then be able to appreciate this particular part of Zulip's tech debt? Got it. 🙂

Zulip has (in my biased opinion) good docs and the issue I linked to does not feel like tech debt to me. in case you want to look at open docs issues to see more of their current TODOs

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