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boost from birdsite, user experience, Discourse 

Boosting thread

At least I'm not crazy, but I am also so sad

Like.... Discourse has a fatal flaw that Hyperkitty was explicitly designed to avoid. Yet somehow it's getting unleashed on people and causing alienation all over the place.

It caters to new users at the cost of the ones who are already there....

boost from birdsite, apprenticeship job opportunity 

bsting @`fureigh This is an *excellent* opportunity to get started in .

Attn people "who are starting their careers or transitioning to new careers, in software engineering or frontend design”

We are excited to announce the kick-off of our engineering and frontend design apprenticeship program! Apply for a full-time, 4-month program w/ training, salary, and a clear path towards full-time employment.

boost from birdsite, seeking contacts in US 


I don’t have many followers, so if you see this, please boost. I am looking to talk to people who have either sued or considered suing their elementary/middle/high school district over abuse & neglect. If this is you, please DM me. Especially New York State cases. Thanks!

boost from birdsite, NYC 

boosting Queens Community Board 3
Do you prefer working from home?

Maybe you'd prefer a flexible schedule that allows you to mix remote and office work?

wants to help NYC prepare for the future:

boost from birdsite, worker exploitation 

boosting @`ElizabethN
Not only is it not a paid position, students paid *them* for the "opportunity"

This may be the most important thing we've ever done at Lambda School: Introducing Lambda School Fellows.

Bring an engineer onto your team for four weeks *at no cost to your company.*

We onboard them quickly and show you how much (and fast) they ship.

boost from birdsite, job in free and open source software 

boosting @`OpenSourceOrg
OSI is hiring an Executive Director who will work with the board to build a bridge to a stronger future for OSI and the open source ecosystem. Please share widely!

boost from birdsite, speculative fiction book 

boosting Candlemark & Gleam

Pre-order active: Leonard Richardson's Situation Normal, satirical yet deeply poignant mil space opera. Paperback & ebook at Amazon, B&N, Kobo. Ongoing giveaway,
. SN got high praise from & @`ALA_Booklist
. Launches Dec 14! @leonardr

boost from birdsite, Python, packaging 

boosting @`ThePyPA pip 20.3 is out. See for what's new (including the dependency resolver) and how to migrate. Thanks @`ChanZuckerberg and @`mozilla for funding!

boost from birdsite, Python, packaging 

boosting @`ThePyPA

Using the new pip 20.3
and find it's taking a lot longer?

* read our guide to reducing backtracking

* report it to us at

* temp switch to old resolver behavior: use flag `--use-deprecated=legacy-resolver`

boost from birdsite, international shipping and shopping 

boosting Tobie Langel
I feel like I ask this every 6 months, but what's an alternative to that would actually ship to Switzerland?

boost from birdsite, crowdfunding, speculative fiction, comedy 

boosting Julia Rios This says “poetry reading” and we WILL have award-winning undersea poetry performed by a professional audiobook narrator, but there’s SO MUCH MORE!!! You may know @brainwane
as the host of the Otherwise auction at WisCon. She’s going to do some comedy for us!

boost from birdsite, crowdfunding, speculative fiction, comedy 

"As of right now, there are 5 people who have backed at levels that include this party—plenty of room for more! We’re capping it at 40, though, so no matter what you’ll have a great chance at those giveaways!"

boost from birdsite, calming social videocall practices 


Holiday family video calls without "Zoom burnout": my "pandacam" solution

boost from birdsite, calming social videocall practices 

boosting @`omgjulia

32 hours left to back Mermaids Monthly! The Pin and Poetry level gets you a ticket to our FABULOUS zoom party with performances by @brainwane , @`csecooney , and @`gaileyfrey PLUS two attendees will win handmade bracelets by @`LionessElise and @`debragoelz !

boost from birdsite, memoir, tech and policy 

boosting Andy Oram @`praxagora

Andy Oram
My years as policy activist, writer, editor, organizer, community developer, and journalist in the digital age - take a look and let me know what you think

boost from birdsite, witticism, diversity 

boosting @`braveenk
If we’re calling people “diversity hires” then I would like to also coin the term “homogeneity hire”:

A person who is hired, not because they were the best, but because they were the same.

Used in a sentence: “Mike hired another Mike - he’s probably a homogeneity hire [emoji of Face with hand over mouth]”

boost from birdsite, mental health 


Doing ok/Not doing ok is not a binary. Know when it’s time to ask for help.

Infographic from these folks:

boost from birdsite, friend's name change announcement 

Boosting an announcement from my friend Ee W. Durbin III

"a small, but important ask for all of you.

i’d like you to call me Ee, pronounced like the english letter.

take your time, i’ll remind you when it’s past time."

boost from birdsite, academia, curriculum 


Hello, academic twitter! I would like to hear from teachers, curriculum developers, C&I researchers about whether/how you interact with:
a) Standards (such as Common Core standards)
b) Research/research findings
when you make lesson plans.
I am ignorant. Please enlighten.

boost from birdsite, spamfighting 

boosting Spamhaus/CBL
After almost 20 years of operation, changes are being made at the CBL that may affect those using the CBL for filtering. Changes are minor, but administrators will eventually need to make some small changes. See the following for further information:

boost from birdsite, human rights, homophobia 


Being a non-biological parent means helping to make your kid with your own hands, spending a year, a home study, and thousands of dollars adopting him, and still never losing the fear that your parental rights might be stripped from you.

[link to news story on Hungarian news about banning adoption by same-sex couples]

boost from birdsite, speculative fiction 

boosting @`carlbrandon
We are pleased to announce the winners of the Carl Brandon Awards: Akwaeke Emezi has won the Carl Brandon Parallax Award for their novel Pet. Michele Tracy Berger has won the Carl Brandon Kindred Award for her story “Doll Seed.” Full details:

boost from birdsite, nitter link to thread, new Google workers' union 

boosting my friend Jed @`elysdir , short thread starting

Alphabet/Google workers have formed a union.

I will probably be joining soon.

Op-Ed by the executive chair and vice-chair of the new union:

Website for the new union:

For a long time, I didn’t think we needed unions in the software industry. ...

boost from birdsite, hiring and tech 

boosting Jacob Kaplan-Moss (@`jacobian):

Each day this week, I'm sharing a question I use when interviewing for technical roles. I'll unpack the question, when to ask it, and how to evaluate answers.

Today: measuring managers' ability to lead projects, and how to screen out micromanagers:

boost from birdsite, vaccine enthusiasm 

boosting Jacob Kaplan-Moss (@'jacobian):

The COVID vaccine is this generation's moonshot: a scientific achievement that seemed impossible until we came together and made it happen.

I wrote about why I'm excited — not just willing, but actively excited — to get mine:

boost from birdsite, indie perfume as cheap quarantine hobby 


If you're looking for some weird aesthetic exploration to fight off the COVID boredom blues, can I recommend: avant-garde perfume. No, really. First:

1. Not all perfume is cloying mall crap. There's world of indie, experimental weird-ass perfume.
2. It's cheap.


boost from birdsite, ADHD and labor 

boosting Christie Koehler

Not speaking for all ADHDers of course, but my hourly jobs, the ones I had the least autonomy in, were the ones least affected by my dopamine deficient brain.

boost from birdsite, modernizing "The Music Man" 

boosting @`jcravens42

Yes, please, someone, make this movie.

boosting me [brainwane]:

also a remake of The Music Man where Harold Hill comes to town promising a code school that will make your kids upstanding and hireable
Marian, who runs a makerspace and classes out of the local library, is very suspicious

boost from birdsite, discussion of self-harm, community management 

boosting thread:

[CW: self-harm] a friend just had to kick someone off a discord server for repeatedly discussing self-harm (which is against the server rules). I've seen this come up before in other spaces and want to talk about it for a sec. >

boost from birdsite, praise for me 


On a , @brainwane
has been doing a FANTASTIC job working on Twine and the PyPA. Y'all should hire @`ChangesetLLC
because they're AMAZING

[animated gif of happy muppet Kermit]

boost from birdsite, funding for free/libre open source work has slides & transcript. This week: an expanded video which also discusses common grant appl. components. Will blog about it soon.

boosting @`EWDurbin

do you work in open source?

do you wish you had money to do that work, take on a big project, or accelerate existing projects?

do you have ten minutes?

this @`PyOhio talk from @brainwane could be the first step.

funding for free/libre open source work 

Slides, rough script, and followup links from the MozFest "Apply for Grants to Fund Open Source Work" talk and discussion are up:

boost from birdsite, job, funding for free/libre open source work 

boosting @`ThePSF With the support of our newest Visionary sponsor, @`TechAtBloomberg
, we are excited to be hiring a Project Manager for the Python packaging ecosystem.

Read more about position, it's goals, and how it came to fruition at

boost from birdsite, job, funding for free/libre open source work 

boosting T. Wouters @`Yhg1s

I'm super duper excited about this. We've been thinking and talking (and talking, and talking...) about this for many years, and we were hoping to get it out there a year ago. Now, with funding from @`Google for the first year, we can actually get this started.

boosting @`ThePSF
The PSF is hiring a Developer-in-Residence to support CPython!

boost from birdsite, Python, funding for free/libre open source work 

boosting @`ericholscher

Super excited about this. Great work by @brainwane
and others to get this funding into the Python community. The drumbeat of grants and corporate sponsorships to @`ThePSF
are a really bright spot in the last year. 🌞 💓

boost from birdsite, Python, funding for free/libre open source work 


"The NSF is awarding NYU $800,000 over two years – from mid-2021 to mid-2023 – to further improve the pip dependency resolver and to integrate The Update Framework further into the packaging toolchain."

boost from birdsite, Python, improving packaging security 

boosting @`uranusjr
* Further assess and improve pip’s dependency resolver
* Secure the PyPI-to-user pipeline by integrating TUF

Awesome news! So happy Python packaging is getting more (long overdue!) love recently.

boost from birdsite, nitter link, internet friends 

boosting thread including

ANYWAY. This is just to say. I love you, my friends in the computer, both old & new. You helped me get to this place where I am so so happy to be, after such a long time of struggle & angst. You helped me see myself & -- oh, shit, I'm making myself cry! --

boost from birdsite, religion, call for scifi/fantasy stories 

boosting Ron Hogan

I know a bunch of F/SF people follow me on this bird site, and maybe a few Quakers, and here's where the Venn diagram comes together: @`LeeFlower & @`HBBisenieks are doing "speculative fiction" issue of @`FriendsJournal (my day gig) for the fall. Got a story?


boost from birdsite, nutrition 


Long shot but if anyone happens to have the nutritional info for glorybee nutritional yeast (WinCo's supplier, I think) I would love a photo!

· · Web · 1 · 0 · 0

boost from birdsite, book review 

boosting Candlemark & Gleam
Wonderful @`Analog_SF
reviews of Leonard Richardson's Situation Normal (satirical military ) & Melissa Scott's Water Horse (epic adventure , June 1 launch) in the context of worldbuilding.
Thanku, Don Sakers! @`blueterraplane

boost from birdsite, request for referral, accessibility a11y 

boosting @`lindsey
Hey, friends -- @`bangbangcon
needs help finding an expert tech talk CART captioner for our conference next month. We screwed up, and our usual faves (@`stenoknight and the @`whitecoatcapxg crew) are mostly booked.
[Crying face]

This is our schedule:

Can you help?
[Purple heart]

Please DM me or email to discuss details! (We pay market rates, duh.)

boost from birdsite, diversity training 

boosting @`nmsanchez
Announcing **DEI for Engineering Managers**
a 5-session (over 5 weeks) course designed for people who lead technical teams and are responsible for the well-being of direct reports. Scholarships available

boost from birdsite, talk by me on open source leadership 


We are thrilled to have Sumana Harihareswara (@brainwane
) presenting at the @`pycon
! Watch her talk “Researching the Leadership Gap for Legacy Projects” NOW.

boost from birdsite, me speaking today 


Today, live from at @`PyCon
US 2021! Let’s deep dive into the topic of funding open source work with @`foosel , @`eunicechendjou , @`wstein389 , @brainwane , @`aclark4life , and @`dcharbon . Tweet questions with .

boost from birdsite, web analytics question 


Q for a friend: what is the best recent book/guide/online course you know on web analytics suitable for medium-sized nonprofits (traffic is 1K-10K distinct visitors a week, site maintainer works 10 paid hr/week and has AP stats)?

boost from birdsite, sale on an ebook 

boosting @`smallbeerpress
Super sale! get FIRE LOGIC — first of Laurie J. Marks's series for $1.99:

cover photo of book:

boost from birdsite, interactive fiction, inform 

boosting @`zedlopez
I just shared an alpha of a project to facilitate working with Inform 7 (an interactive fiction DSL) on the command-line.

It's a thing that'll be useful to something like 12 people, but I hope those 12 will find it _really useful_.

boost from birdsite, device recommendations 

boosting Andrew Gray @`generalising

Stuck in a morass of review websites: anyone have any recommendations for a decent *small* Android smartphone? I have an old Galaxy S5 mini (4.7") and the size range seems to have mostly disappeared from the market.

boost from birdsite, DigitalOcean 


Hi, thanks for raising this. We have been actively working on it & put a short pause on posting jobs in CO as we assessed the impact of the new law. We have employees in CO & will continue to hire in CO. We will update our job posts in the next week to comply with the new law.

boost from birdsite, me performing at an event 

boosting @`WisConSF3
The Otherwise Auction? In MY Visioning WisCon?

It's more likely than you think.

The auction to benefit @`OtherwiseAward starts at 7pm Central on Sat. night (5/29), and will end when our fabulous auctioneer @brainwane says it's over.

More info & tix:

boost from birdsite, housing available in Berkeley, Calif. 


Sublet my gorgeous, well lit 2bed apartment 10min walk from downtown berkeley bart and berkeley bowl? Landlord approved, 1875+ utilities. Available for upto 6 months, starting June 1. Respond here, or email for details. More pics in thread. Please RT?

boost from birdsite, my stand-up comedy performance 

boosting ÖzgürKon @`OzgurKonorg

Freedom is a serious topic but not necessarily boring. You are invited to stand-up of Sumana Harihareswara ( @brainwane ) Performing arts and to our free software talk with FOSS and Crafts ( @fossandcrafts ) ✨ , at .

boost from birdsite, my stand-up comedy performance, Turkish 

boosting @`oydorgtr

Özgürlük ciddi bir konu ancak sıkıcı olması gerekmiyor. Bu sene 'de Sumana Harihareswara'nın @brainwane
stand-upına hep birlikte gülmeye Performing arts ve FOSS and Crafts @fossandcrafts ile özgür yazılım sohbetlerimize davetlisiniz. ✨

boost from birdsite, me performing in a few hours 

boosting @`WisConSF3

How do I find the virtual door? Great question! We've got a new post on how to access Visioning WisCon:

boost from birdsite, police abolition question 

boosting thread
Are there any discussions of the role insurance companies play in opposition to police abolition?

boost from birdsite, US cable subscribers 

boosting thread including:

Key things the UnFox group points out:

* Every cable/satellite TV provider pays a subscriber fee to carry Fox News. A typical household pays Fox News almost $2 per month via their cable or satellite provider, regardless of whether they actually watch the channel.

* A whole lot of these contracts expire in 2021.

The time to pressure your cable company is NOW.

boost from birdsite, Android tip 

boosting thread

1/ Thinking today about how important it is to be able to record video instantly, how many steps it takes on most phones, and how precious those seconds could be.

I found an easy shortcut on Android that I hadn't seen elsewhere and thought I'd share.

boost from birdsite, New York City, economics 

boosting from

Has there been any reporting on what happened to commercial rent prices in NYC this past year, mapped (e.g.) against residential rent prices, which by all accounts fell drastically?

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