People who don’t clean their own bathrooms should not be eligible for public office.

@mhoye hey, checking in -- perhaps you meant that as hyperbolic? How would this rule affect people whose disabilities prevent them from cleaning their own bathrooms?

@brainwane I'm not sure about hyperbole, but "don't" was intentional. Plenty of people who _can't_ would make excellent public officials. People who simply _don't_, because their affluence or privilege permits it, though...

@mhoye @brainwane "Don't" vs "cant" vs "won't" ... such a big difference.

@liw @brainwane The difference between fasting and starving. Choice is everything.


@mhoye Your initial "don't", to me, included "can't" as well as "could but choose not to". I also disagree with you in that I think there are people who choose not to clean their own bathrooms who would (and do) also make excellent public officials, but I'm not sure whether you're particularly interested in hearing the argument. @liw

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@brainwane @liw It was, for sure, posted in a fit of pique. Every time I see an otherwise-unremarkable celebrity or mediocre scion of inherited wealth running for public office I wonder who else could be in that spot.

@brainwane @liw (Having said that, I'm grateful to be called out for it when I'm crossing a line in some fit of annoyance.)

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