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On the BBC Introducting Mixtape podcast , the first song in the July 16th episode, LAURÉ's "Grey Skirt", is a sweet, lovely a cappella tune particularly about transfeminine experiences.

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More on the development of the Ultra Gleeper in Leonard's blog from 2005:

Zack, you have given me an opportunity to mention the liveblogging parody at which is hilarious, but also retroactively melancholy because it's by Aaron Swartz.

Two new blog posts: on biking, fear, motion, self-efficacy,, hospitality and maintainership

Your small tech org, user group, or open source community could, for just USD$200, get a code of conduct evaluation, a report, and a half-hour meeting about next steps. From/with an expert. This is AMAZING value for money, in my opinion.

Huh, a data journalism site that's looking for visual essays that use data to tell stories, and pays USD$5,000.

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@rejcx You're welcome! Also, if you are seeking novelty, friendships, and adventure, consider applying for a 1-, 6-, or 12-week retreat at the Recurse Center,

@rejcx have you ever checked out ? Actually quite a lot of ideas and guidance on career stuff.

@zwol I suspect that's part of the point of the test question. Wish I could find it; it was phrased well, as I recall.

@zwol My recollection of the test question is fuzzy but I think it only lets you include basically infotech/electronics that currently exist, as part of, like, a tablet-type computing device.

I was reminded of this test question because of Michael Downey's question

I ask MetaFilter & you: What's that test question about infotech devices that oppressed peasants could use, subtextually demonstrating that this problem is very very hard?

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