@creatrixtiara I shall hold happy anticipation and welcome the good news once it is more certain!

A while back I built a site that converts RSS feeds to ActivityPub actors that you can subscribe to from Mastodon and other ActivityPub-compliant social networks: bots.tinysubversions.com/conve

I've now also published the source code: github.com/dariusk/activtypub-

I'm very generally weary of the impulse I see carried out to characterize bad actors (particularly in community senses) as being incompetent at their craft. Often when someone who misbehaves come up I see people trying to dismiss their work as not being of any quality. That teaches a dangerous wrong message: if you see something of good quality, it must have been made by a good actor who must be treating people well.

@creatrixtiara They could have a room for me to stay in, with a door that closes and easy and clear access to blankets and pillows, and would provide a variety of different kinds of sweet and savory snacks and non-alcoholic, non-sugary fun beverages. And we could listen to some of their favorite music together while sketching or doing other physical stuff-making.

Hi folks! My employer, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, looking for an Associate Site Reliability Engineer, which is a fancy-ish way to say "keep websites running and automate all the things" :)

- Open to junior/entry-level
- Open to remote work in American time zones
- Mentoring included
- You get paid to help protect freedoms that are under imminent threat.

Great role if you're looking to start a career in infrastructure work with mission focus. Questions? DM! :)


Considering an ops-y career? We're still open for applications for the Associate Site Reliability Engineer role at Freedom of the Press Foundation (remote work possible in American time zones). Also added a fair bit more detail about what kind of projects this person is likely to take on:


@zwol My just-looking-at-it translation: "and a little Unicode". Which seems about right. Thanks for the practice!

@gaditb Oh I am a little jealous that you can talk SVN shop with your dad!

Does anybody know if there's good resources (from zines, longreads, to scientific papers) conceptualizing system administration from a marxist-feminist point of view? I have had a gut feeling for years that the production/reproduction distinction w/ everything that comes along with that (invisible labor, entitled attitudes by those in "production", ...) could be a suitable framework for analyzing the (social) problems we face in our workplaces, but don't have the resources to develop a theory on that on my own...

boosts appreciated :)

@audrey YESSSS. And in case you want to see someone else talking about that and the pressure we feel to excel at *everything*: nytimes.com/2018/09/29/opinion

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floss.social/@alcinnz/10085081 a conversation about what a respectful-of-users usage analytics service (to improve ) would look like

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