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New blog post: The Ambition Taboo As Dark Matter. /#PyCon2018 rejection, public mastery/professional recognition, discouragement, annoying advice, and footnotes

I agree with this advice, for writers, freelancers, and, in general, people seeking clients, employers, customers, conference invitations, etc.

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New blog post: Preserving Threading In Google Group or Mailman Mailing List Replies with Thunderbird:
Have you ever wanted to reply to an old mailing list post that wasn't in your inbox, *and* preserve threading?

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Quoting Henry Farrell: "There are a very few books that I’m simply not able to talk about coherently, since they’ve shaped me so deeply that I can’t think straight about them. The Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed are among them."

I have the flu. Caught up on Mastodon but will probably only skim Twitter for a bit.

Thanks, CDC:

I would be curious to see the history of the editorial decisions behind . In particular I richly enjoy the section that includes "If you would like the United States or your state to adopt an official language..."

Man, god bless Recurse Center. I really am a dramatically better programmer than I was six months ago. It's hard to state how empowering that is.

Compassion and caring even when you're told you shouldn't is punk.

I need to reread Ellen Ullman's suspenseful, evocative, emotionally accurate The Bug not least because it skewers the Reverend Casaubon who thinks he's Randy Waterhouse

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