I've been playing and every time I change armor I think of this scene youtu.be/Oe-DI7n5iPA?t=69

(second 69 btw)

if you ask me things i will obliterate you

I dreamed I was telling someone "I won't login here because this is a public computer and blablabla" (but I knew I could delete cookies and such)

What does it mean?

I was sure this post had an accompanying picture but life is strange like that

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linux is the best operative system to watch anime with

I wonder if they have magic contraceptives in Hogwards or if there's an anti-boning spell on the grounds. My money is on abstinence, though.

I drew my other dog, Machete: he thinks he's hot shit but he's just a himbo

next time I see a redhead I'll ask if the mouse movements match the words (sexually)

original boomerangs don't come back? what a scam

this course giver has a cute voice and I can't focus

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