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I'm very friendly.
My account is locked because it's dangerous out there, though.

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In case you're not hip to jokes, jests, farces, gags, pranks, humor, parodies, buffoonery, frolicking, witticisms, japes, mischief, mummeries, sallies, vagaries or "ha-has", this is a personal account, not related to any institution, organization or company.

i dreamed this but both were Robert Deniro

also my plane crash landed and went through a building

two-headed Deniro worked for the airline, i think

what does it mean?

can't wait for the youtube video where a lot of white offended people say one by one in a close up "I'm not a robot"

@brand Do not ruminate on this fleeting failure - the campaign is long, and victory will come.

so tedious to consider virginity as a point of pride or shame

when someone says they don't have internet, that's when my I get my butthole in a twist

I'm not an animal PhD but if they're the sameish size and shape it should work?

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I also got a ram and a lamb which I hope was the right couple but who knows, animals are weird, also English?

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I forgot how to brain and only got girl peacocks

makes you think 🦃 🍆 💦

What you're referring to as Windows10, is in fact, WindowsNT/Windows10

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