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if u ever feel like ur younger self was cringy pls remember my password for my yahoo used to be "deanwinchesterisbae" so

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mentions of msdd/ myaspects 

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yeah you're cool but i knew the kid in the "this is why mom doesn't fucking love you" vine so

when i was really grumpy 'cause i had to disappoint them yet again

to be fair the garage was dark and i thought he was a burglar or smth

i just accidentally threw a half empty lacroix can at my dad and yelled "GET YEETED"

bewilderment levels are 84% and falling

(84%) ■■■■■■■■□□

$$ help needed, boosts + 

log onto your local photo inspiration site and you WILL find a friend and boy

good art doesn't exist! show me good art! that's not good art! who let you in here!?

when u and someone else reach for the same thing on the shelf at the grocery store and accidentally brush hands


dead apple was confusing as fuck but we got the Gay Scene and lots of fyodor content to tide us over till season 3 came out so im not complainin

its even gayer when u realize chuuya (the redhead) was basically gonna saceifice himself just bc he was sure dazai (the brunette) was alive. he had no proof, just blind faith. thats what homosexuality does to ya lads

just remembered i downloaded the whole bungo stray dogs dead apple movie in my dropbox when it first got put on youtube and i managed to snag it before it got taken down and i was gonna delete it but then i remembered

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