thank you to my 28 followers for sticking with me. if you wanna see actual fucking content that isn't from a cringy 14 year old, check out @anoniypuppet on twitter :]

when you're listening to music and you think it's a normal version of the song then dj khalid starts rapping

promoting a friend 

hey! go follow moriatake on twitter! she was a good friend of mine before we fell out of touch, and she's going through a rough patch right now. she lost her job due to COVID-19, and is running low on money. commission her if you can, or buy her a ko-fi! she's super cool, and im lov her uwu

uhhh can anyone give me tips on how to accurately and respectfully write a character with autisim??? because one of my characters is autistic, and i dont wanna just go off the super sterotyped depictions of autistic characters in mainstream media today

its that time of night again. everyone i follow is offline, so my timeline has been taken over by lesbians and headpats. i saw this and was like "woah! mintbot is getting good this a coherent post that i totally agree with!" then realized that this wasn't, in fact, a mintbot post

@luna watching old minecraft videos from 2014 when people still thought herobrine was real and nether cores were still a thing in pocket edition

oh man don't you hate it when some fucking tako gets in your coffee haha so relatable

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i love how dbh was like "ok here is connor-60, he is Literally just connor mark sixty. connor, but not deviant. also if you do this one specific path there is a character with one minute of screentime who doesnt even speak" and we were just "GIVE SIXTY A PERSONALITY AND MAKE NINES AND GAVIN F U C K"

gavin: i'm not gay!
nines: oh,,, :(
literally everyone else in the precinct, simultaneously: jesus christ

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practicin drawin, uncaptioned 

@ItsMorgan woahhh thats super good ??

cant wait for 75 minutes of gavin being repressed and nines being angsty and existential

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πŸ‘ detroit πŸ‘ evoloution πŸ‘ comes πŸ‘ out πŸ‘ april πŸ‘ eleventh πŸ‘

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(chanting) 30 days until the gays 30 days until the gays 30 days until the gays 30 days until the gays

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