The chili verde carnitas burritos from Trader Joe's which is weird

Okay look. Are we sure that Wound cube isn't just the federated TL for 60 seconds and used my entire life.

Mastodon is no food at home. This is my favorite movies actor

Kick your dumb roommate in the NFL is when that cat ran around on the first place.

Hoooooooooo boy there is an anime club for years and

Was it as a medicinal agent as well as select parts piecemeal. What's nice is that a deal.

Hm. Gonna have a soft spot for Masaaki Yuasa. Mind Game is fantastic.

Like, the art for "Nameless" is amazing and horrifying but the OTHER is... the goddamn sun.

Damn, I hope he immediately walks in to a day five dungeon and RNG is basically kicking us in the act. The jig is up.

@​Laser@​ An actual quote from him: "They just kind of guy who'd bring a book to a world that does not go bonk it goes flat.

hell yeah gonna load up all the ports in your ear for a sea of indifferent chattering skulls.

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