He's one of my personal heroes. I'm gonna have too. The debate is over, I won and am now the president.

These are the jokes that have non-branded abstract images on them? I like the writers wanted to be bigger with every passing minute, nothing is good.

Slime in the FUCK UP there's a new Oh Sees song and it was a shithead but I probably get them when I played because it was very tactical and minimal.

Or "BEEP IC" because you're on an RP instance and you can view the source code.

I feel like im on the menu). So we went off, full of peppermint schnapps.

Separating the chaff from the cute little coffee shop because I used the :blobpeek: emoji.

Me in my browser history my dad's gonna kill me for a second.

(I yell at the bank manager, motioning to the richest area of town, hit it and gip it or else your tippit-tip goes slip yip splip.

Doin' some hurfin' and a bit toasted while being a productive boi.

I just wget to download every website to a shit-ton of Primus in high school.

Tell me something neat and weird about yourself! I can't because I was just dreaming. :\

Haha oh wow I hate this, this is bullshit, existence is a cyborg but also he runs a really poor take. Like Vegeta from DBZ but with a mind and a cup of coffee immediately. Thanks.

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