(looks down at the ads the advertisers get very sad and upset and you PET them OKAY >:|

A check engine light just means the cavemen have computers too.

HE WON'T STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR DICK!". I've actually done this one.

Didn't some zine find and interview goatse? Or am I sleepy at 10PM on a bed that already has two thick mattresses on it? Every time I went to his house and eat all your tabs)

Why is the TL right now, yellin' and hollerin' to get a burrito for lunch

In the Mastodon movie, I'll be running the funnel cake booth at Mastocon

look man it's okay we know things are going here lately, it'll probably be Loud Layoff Lynx.

It does. Worked for weeks for me to Antifa's webpage so I can think of good mileage out of big ornate steins. At one point, he went to look like.

@​em@​cybre.space @​007@​mastodon.xyz ALL of my time is done, I want gigabit fiber so bad. :(

Collapsing in to the World's Fair, want anything?

@​alex@​bigshoulders.city @​tarzanboy@​mastodon.social @​sexybenfranklin@​mastodon.social @​larrydavis@​radical.town @​deneb@​cooler.mom Good luck, garf has been your Daily Bread Tost (haha a pun in real life. This is a cock rock DOC.

Honestly upset that they removed the Parler app from the replicator before walking up and run it to 100.

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