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New musical genres:

- Crumchstep
- Post-post-punk
- Moist house
- Dumpstyle
- Powerhonk
- Fuuuuuuuudge

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Tired: Gender reveal parties
Wired: Gender repeal parties

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@breakfastgolem @BestGirlGrace I roll a 2, but I make the save anyway because I have a high flow shower head that gives me a huge bonus

if i made millions and did big shows, i'd have a huge drum kit in the middle of the stage that i wouldn't touch throughout the entire set

Many chess experts (they informally refer to themselves as "chessbois") memorize countless opening moves and defensive strategies. This is seen by most people as a waste of time and, as Head Chessboi Magnus Carlsen once said, "some real nerd shit."

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In the game of chess, the objective is defeat your opponent by getting your queen to the other side of the board. Alternatively, if you collect the most resources (wood, bricks, sheep and wheat), you can win the game that way as well.

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Here are all of the discovered pieces for chess:
Clifford the Big Red Dog
John Stamos
RX-78GP01 Gundam "Zephyranthes"

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Chess players (they call themselves "chessers") are like "I'm using Sosnovsky's Gambit" and "I see you've played the Paterson Defense" and "king me, bro."

I don't give a shit about any Star Wars spoilers. Who the fuck watches Star Wars for the plot anyway? I'm in this shit for the cool visuals.

star wars shit 

@breakfastgolem they can't even do a scene where the main characters react to the news that palpatine is back

they CANT do that scene because HE MEANS NOTHING TO ANY OF THEM

so they just have a character say "oh btw palpatine came back or something"

Emperor Palpatine could not beat the Joker in a fight. In this essay I will

Palpatine, smacking his forehead with his decayed nastyhand: ah shit you're RIGHT hold up I gotta go make some calls

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Palpatine: The Dark Side shall flow through you, young Rey.
Rey: Also your kids too?
Palpatine: my what now

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A poem:

My friend
Who only ever plays
Half-Life 2
Jedi Knight
is playing
Half-Life 2

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