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New musical genres:

- Crumchstep
- Post-post-punk
- Moist house
- Dumpstyle
- Powerhonk
- Fuuuuuuuudge

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Tired: Gender reveal parties
Wired: Gender repeal parties

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hottest take: having takes on condiments means you are white

hope this works

.-'` /\ ` ' - .
/ `._ / \ _./` \
| `/ sel \' |
| / `-. .- ' \ |
\ / .-' ` -. \ /
`./.-' ` - .\. '
🕯`-..______. . - '🕯

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I suddenly remembered when SNL did a joke where actors said "pushy" instead of "pussy" and boy oh boy did that joke just fall completely flat.


Wanna literally kill Ron Swanson for humanizing libertarians and introducing their terrible ideas into the mainstream in a positive light.

I heard someone do a lin-manuel miranda impression and it made me want to throw myself bodily off a bridge

@breakfastgolem alternate reply: that's why they say "and all that jazz" because it's all jazz

"The new Slayer album? That's some goodass jazz."

If true jazz is based on improvisation and improvisation means any instrument and any type of chords/notes can be used, then all music is jazz.

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