Completely unbiased opinion, but, if you're wanting to drop to uninformed cultural stereotypes, Spanish people are quite frequently the best humanity has to offer. :heart_parrot:

@Jewbacchus But come on. Spanish women (the admittedly liberal and cosmopolitan cohort I've encountered) are some of the loveliest people.

@breakfastgolem @Jewbacchus I want to *move* to Barcelona so bad.

✔️ Good weather
✔️ Legal cannabis
✔️ Amazing weather
✔️ Excellent tech infrastructure
✔️ Nude beaches within the city centre
✔️ Nice architecture
✔️ Brilliant people
🤷🏼‍♀️ Why am I not there already??

@andi @Jewbacchus Let's gooooooo. I want to see Barca play at Camp Nou and eat all the food and drink all the drinks and explore. I've never been to Europe. :\

@breakfastgolem @andi @Jewbacchus you can buy a huge fycking house in Barcelona for pretty reasonable too, especially if you're splitting it with people to make it into a coop

@breakfastgolem @kelbesque @Jewbacchus The governance of such a thing would be a nightmare but for whatever brief existence it would have, some ridiculously awesome shit would emerge.

@andi @kelbesque @Jewbacchus I do have this fantasy about setting up a commune-type thing with bitchin'-fast internet, a big communal kitchen and tons of open spaces.

@breakfastgolem @andi @Jewbacchus sorry, you're going to have to become a dumb public transportation boy. No cars allowed. :3

@kelbesque @breakfastgolem @andi what if it's a van that runs on our own waste oil? Compromise between car and electric bus.

@Jewbacchus @kelbesque @breakfastgolem Like I've totally just visualised this as a neon green VW van and despite not being much of a motor vehicle gal, *totally* living for this idea

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