New D&D5e cantrips:

- Wiggle
- Mage Foot
- Misidentify
- Terrifying Honk
- Cheese

...I actually might try to make Cheese a real thing in my upcoming D&D campaign.

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@interneteh Tyromancer is a new class, too. Divination through cheese.

@interneteh But using the Cheese cantrip just makes a small wedge of random cheese appear near you. Nothing else happens.

@laser At level 3, choose Monger subclass:

- Fish
- Cheese
- War

@breakfastgolem Mage Foot: kick from a distance! or stick a foot in that annoying wizard's mouth so he can't do spells!

@xyzzy Alternatively: a mage's foot appears near you. No one knows where it came from but there is now a mage missing a foot somewhere in the world.

@breakfastgolem i was imagining Mage Foot as being like Mage Hand only shittier

i'm imagining it being less resource intensive than Mage Hand, maybe using less mana or whatever, so wizards at the end of their rope are out here trying to pick things up with their Mage Foot

@xyzzy Trying to curl spectral toes around that one thing you need for your adventure.

@carcinopithecus These cantrips are ONLY for Warlocks, Wizards can fuck off with their extra spell slots. >:|

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