You cannot directly see the Mastodon drama, you can only infer its existence by the shifting of toots surrounding it, much like how an object in space warps gravity with its mass.

And you certainly cannot just ask who all is involved as that creates more heavy-mass objects that distort the TL even further. It all must be inference, "you had to be there" comments, and constant analysis of every toot that flies by to see if it holds any particle of relevant information.

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I post that Mastodon is a particle accelerator/collider but the particles are toots and the collisions are instances smashing in to each other at 99.999999% of the speed of shitposting, spinning off exotic particles that are in fact new instances.

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@breakfastgolem I've seen this play out repeatedly since ~summer 2017, and I've never really figured out what's going on or who's involved --- not completely enough that I'd trust myself to explain it, anyway.

@InspectorCaracal @breakfastgolem touching the ground and then sniffing the mysterious liquid on my fingers like "something terrible happened here, something Evil"

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