Cyberfriend 20776

get cool cybermods such as:
- grabby hand
- taste mouth
- glowing eyeballs (2)
hang out in the future
nothing bad happens
neat people all over
graphics? all of them, always

coming soon, perhaps

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interact with real websites in real time (additional dlc required to post content to websites)

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branching narratives! those are narratives about branches and trees.

climb the trees! in 3d!

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featuring a character creator:
- choose any gender or no gender or bits of some genders and smatterings of other genders
- genitals as well!
- or no genitals!
- all shapes and colors and sizes and geometries (including non-euclidean)
- equip with big gun

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hack anything!

- computer
- tablet
- phone
- person
- dog (hack to unlock enhanced pet)
- lasagna

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