Every 9/11 I think about the list of songs and artists Clear Channel arbitrarily banned (excuse me, songs and artists they ""suggested"" not be played) from the radio in the days after. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clear_Ch

@neoncoughh Yeah, I worked for them from early 2001 to 2009. They fucking sucked.

@breakfastgolem ohhhh my goddddd, I cannot even IMAGINE what that was like!! Fuck!


@neoncoughh I was the sysadmin for a dozen radio stations in one building. Some of them were cool (like 91X) and others were dogshit (like KOGO600). The company overall was very conservative and their business and ethical decisions were baffling at best. But hey, they laid me off in 2009 and gave me nearly a year's worth of severance! :D

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