Type of guy who has a V8 engine block coffee table, a $5000 black leather couch, and a horrific amount of hentai on DVD.

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@breakfastgolem similar type of guy to the type that owns a japanese car and puts ecchi stickers all over it

@CyclopsCaveman When they cross paths - he in his 2003 Mustang with the homemade exhaust and the "Ass, Gas or Grass" bumper sticker on the back and his brother in his ecchimobile - they trade a meaningful glance and the world around them goes quiet for a moment, a kind of stillness reserved for the moment before a catastrophe. Then the other drivers honk at them and they flip everyone off before burning out and leaving nothing but rubber and unsaid words behind.

@breakfastgolem two things I know about you: you love cars, and you love hentai

@Louisa @breakfastgolem "getting some sexy anime in my honkin great v8 car" - a certain somebody

@finn @Louisa I WAS going to treat the both of you to a nice dinner and a fun night on the town but that offer has been rescinded. >:|

@phillyis @Louisa @finn IM LEAVING I DONT NEED THIS (doesn't go anywhere, just sits around and toodles about on the internet)

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