trying out a little thing I like to call "having opinions on line"

I have one artist that I like but when I search it's mostly fan art... I'm just not as interested in a painting of elsa or hermione or w/e

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anyone have recs for speedpaint videos?
* not fan art
* must be sfw
* weird is good

*various men named Joe line up to stab me in the back repeatedly* I've heard of Traitor Joes but this is ridiculous

it's too easy to think an action does nothing or is useless. therefore you get stuck when all you need is to try the action in a new context

more UI feedback would help indicate WHY an action didn't yield something useful, as would adding more interesting interactions in general

I made Fruit Language Opinions in like one weekend so I'm proud of it despite its flaws

I really, really love seeing people play through my games. it's such a treat to hear their thoughts and reactions

someone on twitter put up a video of Fruit Language Opinions, one of my older games

current status: duel to the death with sprintf

as a household we… you know… “go both ways”
that’s right, we drink tea AND coffee

birthday hack: prepend all nouns with “birthday”
e.g. “I’ll have some birthday tea while I wait for the birthday tech to hook up the birthday internet”

I spent 80 minutes on hold with internet companies vs 2 minutes with public utilities this week, so I don’t want to hear how private enterprise is more efficient than the government ever again

editing tip: delete all occurances of "I think" and "it seems"

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