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editing tip: delete all occurances of "I think" and "it seems"

stabilizing the world's food supply is great or whatever, but when are GMOs going to produce asparagus that doesn't make your pee smell

I just beat Hyper Light Drifter… it may be one of my favorite games ever

*watching a speedpaint video*
oh yeah it's a love live character! wait it's an idolmaster character
*it's an aikatsu stars character*

I solved it: click on the "playlist" icon on the right of the media controls and uncheck "autoplay station"

when you say it out loud, is it "pubg" like in "gif" or is it "pubg" like in "gif?"

@olivierm it's not a real statistic... it's the number with the right emotional resonance for how much is missing from the description

usually when i describe my dreams i only capture like 20% of it, because so much is in inscrutable images

dreamt I finally played Ladykiller in a Bind and it was a cooperative rhythm/fighting game

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Hey, FYI: There's a charity speedrun stream benefiting the Transgender Law Center this weekend!


The runners include GDQ alumni like PrincessProto and EnchantressOfNumbers, and the game line up is actually really unique with a heavy focus on romhacks and randomizers. The final block on Sunday night is runs/races of all three of the Zelda 1, 2 and 3 randomizers in a row.

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I can't believe I was thrown out of the furry convention because everyone hated my alter ego so much... I guess it's fursona non grata

is there a way to make soundcloud not autoplay random songs after the current one is finished?

people on twitter talking about ridiculous things they did while drunk and I'm like... the worst I've done is throw up. once.

I normally use tweetbot so when I opened twitter in a browser just now I got to do a fun gasp and a fun "it's even worse than i expected"

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