Screen Time is one of my favorite iOS features in recent times. Very insightful.

Oh, and thanks to the recent Twitter API neutering my Twitter time is waaaayyyy down. Much less fun now (content notwithstanding)

This bug was super hard to figure out. I almost gave up. I didn't, in fact, give up...

This might sound like I'm crescendoing into one of those motivational posters with a dressed up well-worn chestnut of pithy wisdom-sayings, but alas, no... :)

@breeno no wonder that analyst contains a reference to an asshole

Analyst: “phone will sell poorly: downgrade”

Also analyst: “phone will sell too well: downgrade”

Playing Blade Runner: 2049 in the background as I write code.

This film is just /sublime/

No jury duty so far this week.
Looking like I won't get called.

Simultaneously relieved and bummed :)

HOA has decreed that there shall be no more washing of cars. 🤨

Really hope the folks I interact with join+stick with mastodon. This seems objectively better in every way than other networks I’ve used.

Juror duty on-call this week.
Nothing for tomorrow...

I do want to do this ... someday ;)

me, after watching a half dozen Escobar/El Chapo themed shows on Netflix: That's enough of of this drug lord genre!

also me, looking at a Netflix push notification on my phone: oh, hey, what's this Cocaine Coast, this looks good...

That said, the Mastadon web client is pretty baller!

Hello, Mastadonites. 🤗

Now, to find a reasonable iOS + macOS client...


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