I can't get mastodon.social on the Tusk app, does anybody know whats happening? O:


I have to sleep! Les quiero a todos! 🍍 Tous sont très agreable ici à Masto! <3

We are all complaining about the lag on the timelines and other stuff here on Masto, but at least we don't live in a world where this actually happened: mastodon.social/media/et5XZPzK

Today has been one hell of a day! I have been working on both devops and code optimization non-stop, as well as answering questions and e-mails. A lot of ms have been shaved off of requests and background jobs. Instance admins should probably update to the latest master. I'll be looking into adopting a more stable release system than just the master branch.

Oh also, I did read that "Mastodon will go extinct" article. The author doesn't get it, and didn't reach out to me at all.

I just noticed that gifs when uploaded are being posted as .mp4. So, is it possible to upload tiny videos to Masto? O:

Take this all!



OMG I just found out that there is actually people with more than 1000 followers already here!!! D:

I feel like I should buy the new Mastodon album because those poor dudes are like 'Why is everyone talking about us?'

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Sorry I wasn't tooting in the last 24 hours but I've been kind of lost! So, what did I miss? :D

OMG So many mastodonites [?] following me! Thanks and welcome guys! :D

2017. Maston.

We still debating about The End of Evangelion.

I'm leaving in 4 hours and I still haven't packed anything. I guess you'd say... I like living on the edge :sunglasses:

@brendaobregon That actually seems like a brilliantly untraceable method.

MED. EXAMINER: "Looks to me like the subject was spontaneously incapacitated by a large number of small rodentsβ€”took him down like an antelope on the Serengeti."

DETECTIVE: "God damn it, what in the world possessed them to do it? Fluoride? Microwaves? Global warming? Well, I guess we know one thingβ€”it couldn't possibly have been murder."

Also. atlasobscura.com/articles/pet-

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