I think that a lot of early internet stuff like Geocities was (and is) actually very conceptually sound. Mostly, the issue was being corporate-run when nobody knew what the hell to actually use the internet for. FOSS riffs like Neocities aren't just appealing because of retro nostalgia. They actually function and don't feel like everything everyone hates about commercial social media and Reddit.

It's nice to, for instance, have a discrete forum, structured and operated like forums used to be, and talk to a community of people without dealing with the screaming hell panopticon of Twitter or... just everything... about FB. Or Reddit.

Mostly these "web 1.0" concepts are considered "dead" because they don't lend themselves to the horrible abuses of analytics and data sales that we've come to accept from the likes of FB, and to a lesser, more incompetent degree, Twitter. They use an old model of advertising-as-support. They use a model which, not incidentally, could be easily replaced with existing crowdfunding platforms.

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