finding that at the age of 37 i unironically really like dire straits, about 20 years after that season when my shop teacher played those two songs until i thought i might smash the cd: a weird sensation.

i'm not even a dad but i'm starting worry that liking tasty guitar licks is a symptom of reaching an extremely dad age.

@brennen I grew up listening to my dad's Dire Straits early records. Their first and their second albums were pretty good. I remember the eureka moment when I finally understood what Knopfler had been playing on "Lady Writer". And then I spent a few years trying to become a half decent musician.

@brennen Er... their first was the homonym Dire Straits, the second album was "Communiqué", the one which contained Lady Writer

@brennen they were my favorite band when I was 12! My first CD was "On The Night"

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