mild reminder for people with bloglike sites: add feed <link>s to your <head> so browser feed discovery tools will pick it up.

this is what i have:

<link rel=alternate type="application/atom+xml" title="p1k3 atom feed" href="" />
<link rel=feed type="application/atom+xml" title="p1k3 atom feed" href="" />

...i'm not totally sure if that's correct; i haven't touched it in ages. but i do know it works.

(related reminder: you can probably enable or install feed discovery tools in the major browsers. and yes, their being hidden / removed in the first place is because feeds are being deliberately sidelined by bad actors. fight back.)

@brennen btw, I just went to check if Wordpress installs include this, and they do.

RSS only by default, though. I presume that adding atom links would be ok as well, but haven't tried

@shoutcacophony yeah, and i don't think the format matters a whole lot - at one time i had at least a mild preference for atom as an implementer, but i think all that really matters is that _some_ feed is available and findable.

@brennen Interesting tip! I'll keep that in mind as I build stuff. 😀

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