I wrote a blog post about palm pilots.

I haven't even spell checked it, and I'll probably do a second draft tonight or tomorrow, but the core points are out (and I'm a publish early and iterate often kind of guy)

This is just impressions that I have had from using a palmOne computer regularly over the last ~2 months.


With reference to the Palm Pilots: if anyone has tips on
1) networking/web browsing/gopher
2) Bluetooth audio
3) Bluetooth keyboards
4) wired keyboards
5) optimal settings for video encoding
6) general palm pilot tips

I’d appreciate them.

7) BBSs! I’d settle for telnet or ssh, but if you know of a way to reach a dialup bbs from a palm paired with a PC, an Android phone, or an iPhone, I’d love to hear about that as well.


@ajroach42 in an earlier era of palm devices, i used my palm iiix as a serial terminal to have a backup tty on linux systems. as best i remember, the docking cradle they came with was db9 serial...

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