For shits n giggles I am considering compiling a list of the most minimalist apps/components available that could be used in conjunction with TinyWM to create a 'gnat weight' custom X11 Desktop Environment.

Only the very, very lightest apps would count, I think a candidate for terminal emulator would be ST from suckless, a lighter terminal does not come to mind

Oh as an additional qualifier to the challenge a component cannot assist within a componet, which rules out a lot of terminal depenent apps, otherwise it'd be too easy

Suggestions welcome

@jason dmenu probably fits here somehow...

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I was thinking of dmenu in conjunction with an app or somthing that will enable simple keybindings to call it as a launcher, tinywm does not do keybindings nativity, and dmenu is more than a simple launcher too.
@trashyfins @ajroach42 @benrob0329 @kragen @brennen

Keep ideas flowing as there is no rush, my next couple of days off are next Monday n Tuesday I will probably blog the list then, and see if I can get an install of it all running too ( from either an Arch or Debian base)
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