i'm thinking about giving up my last couple of public-facing identities on the web, other than a long-running blog i should probably be grateful no one reads and a handful of work accounts i can't really ditch.

i feel this weird, uncomfortable reluctance. i mean, for one thing, i'd miss a lot of y'all. but beyond that there's this sense that i'd miss things. fail to be part of some conversation. not know about the jorts.

@brennen I'm seriously thinking about deleting my FB account, but it's tough. I pretty much ignore it except for one group, but I feel like I've be letting people down somehow.


@CarlCravens i did that some years back. it's undeniably a ticket to greater social isolation, but i've never really regretted it.

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@brennen I would be sad as well to see you leave the fediverse, but do what is best for your well-being.

One way to reduce noise on the fediverse is to move to a small instance (or try another account), add friends and stick to the local timeline. It's slower for discovering new interesting toots, but they'll eventually come via friends' boosts.

That being said, if it's a fatigue of dealing with too many communication channels, paring it down to 2-3 might be a good idea.

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