Ansible has started loudly deprecating the "with_items" construct in favour of the new "loop" construct. The old one is slatede to be removed.

Woe be anyone who needs to run ansible-playbook on both old distros and new, and needs to have the same playbooks work on both.

At least it looks like a long deprecation period, but this kind of thing makes me wonder if I should look at some other tool instead.

I like that Ansible doesn't require an agent running on the target host. Some of my use cases pretty much rely on that.

It's too bad that I'm not comfortable with Haskell, or I'd dive into Propellor.


@liw my feeling re: ansible at this point is pretty much _run away_, but then also there aren't many things in ansible's space that i don't feel that way about.

at least it's not chef.

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