Solarpunk without afrofuturism is just white people with yard gardens,
Sorry not sorry.


@Wewereseeds @LexYeen as a white person with a yard garden, i think an increase in white people with yard gardens is a fairly good idea, as far as it goes, but it do seem like we could go a fair bit further.

@brennen @LexYeen Yard gardens are now mainstream enough that everyone has one. Apocolypse preppers (notably fascistic in nature) have been in the permaculture circles since forever. Yard gardens isn't praxis unless it is one part of a whole attempt to make a more sustainable and anticapitalist future. White people's yard gardens does not a revolution make.
And solarpunk must be revolutionary, or it's just another shiny fad that will be easily appropriated.

@Wewereseeds @brennen @LexYeen Solarpunk is and must be a sustainable and accessible future for all.


> White people's yard gardens does not a revolution make.

yeah, of this i have no doubt. i do not mean to quibble with your original point.

with that said, and purely as an aside, in the US it seems like gardening is up a tick recently, but it still seems evident that the majority of people who could grow some of their own food don't, and a lot of ground & water sure is spent on pointless grass. a revolution it ain't, but more people growing stuff probably wouldn't hurt.

@brennen i mean, yeah, i'm not shitting on yard gardens i am white and i have a yard garden. this is about the whitewashing and subsequent ineffectiveness of the solarpunk movement. White people with yard gardens are doing like the bare minimum for ecology, and they can be just as racist and xenophobic as the next white household. That's rhe point of the post.

Toilet humor, deliberate misinterpretation 

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