if by some chance your weekend isn't boring enough, i wrote a bunch of notes about my note-taking process:

@brennen Notes, love them and hate them. I tried so many apps including zimdesktop, simplenote, gnotes, etc.. and didn't find any of them work well for me. I am using the good old notes folder with text files.

Didn't try vimwiki yet, I will give it a shot. Thanks for the article 👍

@brennen Thanks for sharing your approach for handling notes.

Advantages of a code editor with a folder of text files: project drawer (get an overview/toc), searchable (e.g. grep), high probability of files still being readable years later.

I haven't used vimwiki partly from uncertainty about how portable the wiki formatting would be if I later switched apps, compared to writing with markup like ReST (but no internal links). However, it does fit the notebook paradigm well.

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