Have your GNU Mailman mailing lists updated to version 3? I'm curious if others have seen it more in the wild...

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@brion it turns out i _run_ a couple on 2, which is disconcerting. (i mean, they exist because i clicked some things in dreamhost control panel, so "run" is a bit of a stretch here. i should probably find out if they have some option to upgrade.)

@brennen @brion btw I brought this up with mail.python.org/archives/list/ and the Mailman lead says "I am happy to help any hosting companies to migrate their Mailman 2 users off to Mailman 3."

@brainwane @brion nice - re: dreamhost, i'm making a note right now to check whether they don't in fact have an upgrade path.

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@brainwane (doesn't look like they have any visible plans / upgrade path. i submitted a support ticket and will see if i can escalate it to someone who might give a real answer. thanks for the ping.)

@brainwane to close the loop on the dreamhost bit, i got a response to the effect that postorious doesn't expose enough settings via web UI, so until the web configuration experience is workable for them dreamhost won't be planning a migration.

(at this point, i don't know enough to comment, having only admin'd a couple of v2 lists on a shared hosting plan, but i this seems like a pretty reasonable explanation for not migrating on the face of it.)

@brennen Thank you! I shall pass that info along. I appreciate you following up.

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