the entire state of code forges as a general thing in 2020 is all the evidence you could possibly want that version control systems[0] are themselves massively deficient in design.

[0]. git. i'm talking about git.


i rant about this all the time, but there is an entire class of argument about how & whether to use github / gitlab / gitea / phabricator / gerrit / mailing lists / whatever that would mostly vanish if the underlying data model in the de facto standard was rich enough to support the actual work of software development.

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@brennen which is also why that problem will never be solved by the forges; they'd lose control.

@Greg yeah, bingo.

if you want to build you a real good tech monopoly, find you a protocol with that special balance of general enough for everybody to need, open enough to feel like there's always an escape hatch until it's years too late, and incomplete enough that the utility of your enclosure mechanisms will be more obvious than their danger, at first.

@brennen about a year ago I reviewed a bunch of these code review tools and was really disappointed.

I know there's more to a forge than review, but imo review is one area where you can't automate problems away?

I'm sort of ashamed to admit I miss using SmartBear Collaborator? Very proprietary, awful UI/UX. But, it actually has an internal data model that's rich enough to offload into, which helps with large reviews.

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