(i didn't manage to come up with much tonight, but i did read the manual for the keystep and learn what an arpeggiator does)

(i was trying to keep this as a reply chain but forgot, so see here:


...for in series.)

five (is there a sad teakettle going off or something? i dunno. do not listen.)

@looptober 00001000

re-shuffled a few copies of the part i actually liked from yesterday's attempt. there's sort of an accidental the-mandolin-bit-from-the-battle-of-evermore vibe in there.

learned a little about using ardour.

day 13 - sometimes you think you're somewhere, but actually you're nowhere.

( @looptober ) day 18, but my stuff is packed because we're on an evacuation warning, so i've totally given up on the daily thing.

here's a loop using music grid, which i still think is neat:


i yielded to temptation and probably-temporary financial solvency and bought a groovebox, and it's pretty close to the most fun i've had legally and standing upright in _years_.

so i managed to post something for 17 of 's 31 days. i'd probably have done better had we not been worried about fire evacuations for a week of that, but still: way better than i expected, and it got me to expand on my synth setup and start learning a little about recording. thanks for all the encouragment on that one, folks.

@brennen I think you did great!! I got around that same amount of loops with much less adversity. my goals were similar and I'm just really happy to have been able to make the focused time with folks' support

@christa thanks! i'm really grateful for the whole thing overall. a highlight of an otherwise kinda grim year.

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