(i didn't manage to come up with much tonight, but i did read the manual for the keystep and learn what an arpeggiator does)

(i was trying to keep this as a reply chain but forgot, so see here:


...for in series.)

five (is there a sad teakettle going off or something? i dunno. do not listen.)

@looptober 00001000

re-shuffled a few copies of the part i actually liked from yesterday's attempt. there's sort of an accidental the-mandolin-bit-from-the-battle-of-evermore vibe in there.

learned a little about using ardour.

day 13 - sometimes you think you're somewhere, but actually you're nowhere.

( @looptober ) day 18, but my stuff is packed because we're on an evacuation warning, so i've totally given up on the daily thing.

here's a loop using music grid, which i still think is neat:


i yielded to temptation and probably-temporary financial solvency and bought a groovebox, and it's pretty close to the most fun i've had legally and standing upright in _years_.

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