a relative signed up for a health screening of some sort, presumably on doctor's advice, and used my email (or more probably someone at the service entered the address wrong; it's one letter off).

they've been sending me a mail every week since, offering bundles of various screenings at "bargain" prices.

i'm trying to parse the difference here between "marketing makes everything predatory" and "marketing makes everything stupid".

@brennen here in UK the data from my GP surgery remains part separated from records of the main hospital (I had to attend recently as an outpatient) and everything is still mostly paper based. apparently I have to hand in consent form at the GP practice (to comply with existing European data protection but also because US private companies are involved in tech services to NHS, privacy activists made a fuss about data linking as they fear this sort of marketing would become common in UK too)

@brennen healthcare being predatory is one of my major triggers. I hate it. Hate.

@brennen there are stupid predators, not sure there has to be a difference

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