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brennen @brennen

i'm working on a new theory that most of what we self-mockingly file under yak shaving is in fact more socially useful productive labor than the theoretical core tasks of most technical employment.

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@brennen agreed, i also think this is one of the foundational realizations that many go through on the path to functioning more efficiently

@brennen is that not generalizable to more types of employment?

@earthtopus i can't think why not, though i think tech employment is these days more reliably in either the pure "bullshit jobs" category or the "actively and effectively malign" category than some sectors of the economy.

@earthtopus like if you bake bread for a living, i fully support you in whatever you get absorbed in trying to make your tools & work environment better & more comfortable, but i also have a feeling that the bread itself has some positive value.

i do not have this feeling about software or the internet.

@brennen as someone in academic administration, I feel the romantic baker side of the spectrum may not be that populated

@earthtopus romance nothin'. the baking gig pays shit with no benefits and you have to get up at like 3:30 in the morning.

bread is still generally better than any of websites, slide decks, blockchain startups, a good meeting attendance record, etc.

i take your point though. more employment is probably bullshit timekilling than not, at least in the developed world.

@brennen I wouldn't disagree with the notion that tech jobs may be more this way in some abstract sense, but not that they were somehow special in this regard. Just making sure.

@brennen Let's jump to the end, where "yak shaving" is a world setting, created to keep our species trapped on this planet until we figure it out and take our place among the Star People. I (don't) promise I am not just appropriating your theory for my world-building exercise!