finally, a new C++ pointer type that is literally just a regular pointer that is referred to differently for no reason. i'm in heaven

"It is intended as a near drop-in replacement for raw pointer types, with the advantage that, as a vocabulary type, it indicates its intended use"

finally, a way to know what the intended use of a pointer is. thank god 2018 will be the year where C++ code can effectively communicate the intent of a variable by simply declaring it as an instance of `std::non_owning_const_piss_shit_hell_ptr<int>` instead of `int*`

i'm actually upset about std::observing_ptr. it's somehow the exact opposite of syntactic sugar. std::shared_pointer and std::unique_pointer, etc. were already unsightly enough and now for some reason the name of a raw pointer type needs to have even more letters in it, for some reason. this is the kind of thing a language would be given as punishment if it were capable of dying and going to hell


@revenant every 4 or 5 years i (a person who has occasionally written c++ but never actually learned enough c++ to understand anything at all) catch a little windnow into the current state of c++ and it's a glimpse into some kind of weird postmodern satirical hellscape full of strange glittering mechanisms assembled entirely out of razor blades and crank ontological obsessiveness.

@brennen that sounds like a more enjoyable experience than the reality of it

@aras @brennen @revenant @Tak
C++ is all about figuring what not to use. Like a puzzle to keep us entertained while working

@brennen @revenant I last "really" used C++ years ago and it was in a "C with some nice C++ bits" style.

I look at modern C++ and wonder just what the fuck happened.

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