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My personal blog’s spam filters have taken out 2,500 messages since I last emptied its collection. Looking through, they’re the same-old, same-old. With 30 per cent of the world’s websites running Wordpress, what is the point of spam-commenting? Is it just the vain hope some might get through?


@jackyan i assume there's a whole economy of this, somewhat driven by people selling a spamming service regardless of its actual efficacy.

also just a gazillion botnets and bespoke spambot systems of varying degrees of sophistication running more-or-less autonomously all over the network. i'll bet if all the humans stopped spamming on purpose right now, it'd still take years for all of that programmatic spam behavior to fully wind down.

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@brennen Very good point. Some of these spam messages read like they were from the 2000s (e.g. Cialis ads) and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were programmed years ago.