took a break to walk to the post office and checked on the nest on my way back; here's the last small birb resident atop our porchlight moments before its initial test flight.

(also visible: my emergency gorilla/gaff-tape nest repairs of last week. don't judge; it's hard to manipulate a roll of tape while standing on a rickety kitchen stool and holding a broken nest in place as enraged songbirds bounce off the back of your head.)

i've been wanting to have datetime for some different timezones at a glance, and then i remembered i have a dresser drawer with about 10 years worth of cheap impulse-purchase watches in it...

@ajroach42 they packaged ship "schematics" and a manual positioned as "claw marks: the onboard magazine of tcs tiger's claw" as copy protection materials (you had to answer questions from the stuff in the box to start the game). cool enough as a gimmick that i could forgive 'em the copy protection.

this is louie.

lou wants to go outside → lou doesn't like the wind → lou wants inside → [brief respite] → lou wants to go outside

this is going to be my entire saturday, i'm pretty sure.

website grousing (subtypes: cloud provider, former employer) 


i heard the front gate close and opened the door to investigate, found this:

uspol, explosions 

first of all, fuck no, and second of all you people sure are gonna get a strongly worded letter about this one.

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