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just in case anybody needs this.

i don't remember what code was broken when i drew this, but there was definitely broken code.

notes from earlier this year.

slowly chipping away at all the ways gmail is embedded in my life.

it's hard to get _angry_ about it as such, but the alacrity with which he does this every time i try to do anything productive on the laptop is starting to feel downright aggro.

i guess at least he's not _on_ the keyboard this time.

an image i asked a friend at my then-work to draw many years ago for our "oh shit we didn't catch that exception" failure message:

i think of it often these days.

things i am reading, ironical-like, in 2017 on dead trees.

so a while back i stopped at this sale in western kansas and bought a couple boxes of classic country tapes, a lot of them dubbed off vinyl i think:

end of the work day and i couldn't figure out what to listen to, remembered the tapes. pulled out some merle haggard at random.

i should have bought the whole collection.