@bethskw i would bet good money that your 6 year old is better at slither.io than i am. that game turned _harsh_ after people got real good at it.

@hanny i followed on the basis that it does seem like you have pretty good hair, i guess.

@artsyhonker i haven't been routinely involved in a faith/church community for a lot of years, and i've been away from the ambient rhythms of farm country for just about as long. the round of the ritual year and the seasons are two of the things i miss most in life.

@ajroach42 see, the thing is, you inadvertently started a stealth Heinlein Thread, and Heinlein Threads have been a reliable form of Internet Take Machine for as long as there has been an internet.

@melissaaveryweir had some cat oats a while back. the cat entirely refused to eat them until they pretty well died and turned to straw, but it's possible we have a weird cat.

@staticsafe well there goes my morning's listening, as this will inevitably segue into another 6 or 7 tiny desks...

@jplebreton yep. that and the related industry-wide decision that it's time to kill the entire traditional desktop computing paradigm post-haste.

@lawremipsum i can never get very far into straightforward, untroubled discussion of things like this as a regular old no-big-deal consumer good without getting all twitchy.

"hopefully this highly capable mobile sensor package exfiltrating its surveillance of your home to the cloud will get alexa soon so amazon can get in on this cute little slice of the panopticon"

fucking, just. goddammit.

@jplebreton and if anything, the currently-hip stew of hamburger menus and randomly placed button-like elements that might or might not produce a dropdown of some sort and so on - well, it all feels a lot like the worst of that era in computing when every application was just as likely to arbitrarily reinvent basic interface elements and interaction models from scratch, sometimes half a dozen different ways in the same program...

seasonal signifiers: 🎃 🍂 🌨️ 🌽 🧣

me: :polarbear:

@earthtopus if the mice who ate my soap a few years back are any indication, rodents are often not terribly discriminating about things that are kinda fat-adjacent.

(could have been beeswax? that stuff seems to get gnawed on too...)

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i'm boosting this because i was still thinking about it when i woke up this morning.

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i am writing to share my realization that, towards the end of the film, the score of 1986's _howard the duck_ (executive produced by george lucas) blatantly quotes aaron copland's interpretation of the shaker hymn "simple gifts".



@envgen there's a 1991 volvo 240 i know for a fact has had 6 drivers subsequent to me, and i still refer to it as "the volvo".

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