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@kadin @hisham_hm true that. i still make a conscious effort to take pictures some, but the saturation of camera phones in everyday life has honestly kind of killed it for me in most ways.

well, that and the sense that any image i publish is going to be extensively data-mined with malicious intent. that's got me mostly staying away from posting any new pictures of people, and probably if i think about it enough should be a strong disincentive to posting _any_ image.

@Nezchan ok, so i was thinking _mastodon_ thread, so am probably about to disappoint, but this is what one that came to mind:

(which i thought i had bookmarked but had to resort to google for.)

@Nezchan i remember the exact thread, hold on one sec...

@djsundog the "stop" at the beginning of that sentence is because i started typing "stop giving them ideas" then thought of different snark

@djsundog stop this seems insufficiently Disruptive for most of blockchain culture, but maybe if you proposed it to the french?

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@jacobcammack ...and they do everything on open source software.

short term (like if you're having a meeting today for the group you're starting) i'd just recommend getting people's emails down on paper and you can figure out software later on.

@jacobcammack thunderbird's fine for use as a client, on your end of things... you still need somebody to run the server side of things, especially if you want to make a mailing list that people can subscribe to and automatically get new posts...

you could give a look - they offer free webmail accounts and host a ton of mailing lists, including a bunch for alternative agriculture stuff.


@dartigen @artsyhonker i remember some from highschool biology / chem classes that had super-skinny stems on 'em that _seem_, in memory, like they'd work, but i couldn't swear to it.

@jacobcammack @acg
i'm trying to think who's a good kinda free and open-source driven go-to for hosting mail / mailing lists / websites for the kind of small community organization you're trying to do. i bet there are some good answers to this question, but i'm not sure i know what they are.


as for email that isn't google... well, i hear good things about protonmail:

...they're... _kinda_ open source.

if you can spend 15-20 bucks a month, companies like dreamhost do mailing lists and e-mail fairly easy and it's pretty much all built on open source stuff. or you could pay a bit and host a discussion forum with something like


@jacobcammack i'm slowly putting together some blog notes on my own progress to using fewer proprietary services and controlling more of my systems:

...i'm not sure the notes are that useful except as a way for me to remember what i'm doing.

in general, it's pretty hard - actually kind of impossible - to exclusively use open systems. i'd suggest taking it bit by bit and not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. we'll get there eventually.


@artsyhonker @dartigen not the worst thought.

the other thing you might try is looking for a cheap lab pipette.

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@dartigen ('course i could be missing some crucial fact about australian import restrictions.)

@dartigen i bought one from jetpens while ordering some other stuff:

that said, $2.50 is extremely marked up and it looks like you can get a 10 count pack of the same thing (look for "blunt tip needles") for less than 10 bucks if you search around. a few hundred of them would probably be _really_ cheap per each. bunch of uses - my dad used to keep 'em around for gluing tricky joints in woodworking projects, for example.

@RussSharek the wording on my post is totally confusing here, but the syringe is just for putting ink in the pen...

...though now that you say this, i'm sure you could use a syringe to apply ink to paper. probably not great for writing, but maybe interesting for some kinds of calligraphic lettering or drawing styles.

@ajroach42 cool, was just reading over on github.