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@jk @friskywhiskers yeah. the weird thing is that i have a lot of respect for the properties of actually-working systems that have evolved over time, even though they usually have absurd complexities that no one would ever have designed in on purpose if they had been able to tell what was going to happen.

but the software of now has become something way above and beyond that. we are extruding totally ludicrous intentional complexity at a rate that's almost impossible to fathom.

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@friskywhiskers @jk (or maybe it's just accreting layers of what happens when capitalism truly merges with the practice of general-purpose computation at scale.)

@jk @friskywhiskers i don't even know why i'm wading into this other than that i'm too sick to think clearly enough for actual work and having opinions about programming languages is itself a disease.

but anyway i guess what i'm getting at is that the complexity that's crushing the life out of software as a humane discipline isn't really about languages as much as it's about accreting layers of... something. hubris? a misguided belief that more code is an intrinsic good? i dunno.

@friskywhiskers @jk js-the-language is... well, i don't love it, but somewhere near the core it's really no worse than _most of_ the other things i have ever written. (hypertalk, qbasic, mircscript, terrible c++, vb, shell, sql, perl, ruby, php, python, ...)

js-the-ecosystem is browsers (started simple, if kinda bad, then became the abyss) and node (started pretty simple, now i find out something is going to involve npm and i lose all hope).

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this flu thing is just not working super great for me and i'd like to stop now, thanks.

@natecull tree style tabs has been updated for modern firefox, and is very handy for my lots-of-tabs workflow.

i use pinboard for basically anything i want to be able to find again.

firefox history is just an sqlite database under the hood; i sometimes think about writing some tooling against that...

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Oh when the suns beat down and burn the sand on Tattooine
And air gets so hot you wish your Dewback came with AC
Out with the womp rats, in the Dune Sea
In a Skyhopper with my baby that's where I'll be

(out with the womp rats) we'll be romping around
(out with the womp rats) down by Anchorhead town
(out with the womp rats) where the Sarlaccs roam free
(out with the womp rats) up in my T-16

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@Hospitals gross.

a dozen years on, i still really miss the lincoln scene, for all its not-inconsiderable dysfunction.

@Hospitals i probably don't want to know, but i kind of want to know.

@acb dang. i read a lot of this kind of material, but this one seems more thorough and concrete than many similar pieces. good work, cracked labs.

@bea @Mainebot @djsundog christ - salesforce salesbros are among the most persistent assholes i have ever had to fend off from a company. a veritable hydra of sales calls and e-mails and stealth conference invites to vulnerable managers. you'd no sooner have shut down one line of attack than random people in three other departments would be filing tickets to say "i just talked to this person and could you please integrate this salesforce product post-haste?"

@davatron5000 i mean, name me a modern webtech thing that doesn't.

@a_breakin_glass @sydneyfalk i bought a large bag of pre-shelled pistachios once.

it turns out that the rate-limiting is definitely a feature.

@minx @grainloom it is kinda more vi-like, though...

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