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@ajroach42 probably about time to blow up your tv as well.

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Where's the Tolkien fans at?

Noticed my 1973 copy of The Hobbit has a message on the inside cover.

Can anyone translate?

@janellecshane yeah; we were down in the vicinity of the springs a few days back and i guess there was softball-sized stuff not that far away and all we got was a light show (not that i'm complaining).

@janellecshane holy shit. we had some maybe quarter-sized, flat-ish stuff a few hours back in lyons, but nothing like that.

@technomancy @ieure gratefully noted for the next time this comes up.

@cypnk yeah, it's a completely grotesque landscape, and in many ways the reductio ad absurdum of various strains of thinking in how we do computers now, but i definitely feel like it's more of a culmination of trends than a radical departure.

@cypnk we've somehow managed to reach a situation where i breathe a sigh of relief if i discover something is in c/c++, because that probably means all i have to do is install some dependencies and type make and then i will have a running piece of software.

if i, a person who does this shit for a living all day long, feel this way, x-random nonprofessional user is definitely fucked.

@cypnk i also wish that most software delivery mechanisms like this didn't so often require an active familiarity with the tooling to get anything working in practice. how often does it just work even if you, as a user, get as far as having npm installed and typing it into a terminal? not nearly often enough.

this isn't specifically a dig on npm - i mean, it's fucking horrible to actually use, but the same can be said for a myriad of other language-specific package managers.

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@t54r4n1 one of capital's smoothest moves has definitely been turning the defense of its particular interests into a full-time ideological preoccupation for a whole bunch of individual humans who are not themselves discernibly corporations at all.

@Tom seems more uncertain than angry, tbh

@t54r4n1 i was going to say "you'd be surprised", but then i realized that no, you probably wouldn't be.

@caraellison well, to the extent that a random internet stranger's opinion has any value (har), i thought it was kind of magical.

it definitely is also the kind of movie where for about the first 50% of the (considerable) runtime, you think "jesus christ how can any piece of art be this boring".

@caraellison could i get your take on linklater's _boyhood_, because i watched that like a year ago and it has popped into my head routinely ever since

@jk @HerraBRE yeah, there was absolutely a sense that people were modernizing and refurbishing old crap that nobody wanted to look at any more this way.

i cannot begin to tell you how many hours i have spent painstakingly removing layers of paint for aesthetic reasons from things that people spent hours painstakingly layering in paint for aesthetic reasons.

@jk in the US, i feel like it was mostly white paint (with some detours into some very 1970s greens, yellows, & browns in the 1970s). they slathered it on fucking _everything_. doors, trim, wooden floors, handmade furniture, cabinetry, doorknobs, lightswitches, window casings... right now i live in a ~century old house with a bunch of windows painted shut.

pretty good mileage on that refried beans toot.

gonna have to workshop something about salsa.

@srukle ...tacos are, i think, in fact, health food.