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I have said it before, and will say it again: I will never get over the fact that tugboats IRL look exactly like they do in old cartoons and Little Golden Books.

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10 year-old me: wow you have THREE computers??? id love to just even have 1 computer

present-day me: yeah but they're all garbage. computers got really really cheap over the years yknow. but none of them work at all. especially since they replaced programs with uhhh.... well programs are now...... y'know when you go on a web page at xmas and theres falling snowflakes?

10 year-old me: java?? script???

present-day me: yeah thats all we use now. thats how they make the programs mostly

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"Do you still want to receive Stack Overflow announcements and product updates via email?"


i'm sure there are problems with GDPR, but the sheer amount of thrash this is causing for everyone who pseudo-legitimately spams me as a foundational element of their business model is pretty telling.

it's that time of year when all the purple stuff is blooming.

is that even a defined time of year? it _seems_ like it is, but i can't think of a single reason why it would be.

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I like this piece a lot.

Ursula K. Le Guin, Editing to the End
David Naimon on Collaborating with a Literary Legend

"There was a magic, a power in these quiet acts, and in her engagement with and attention to the overlooked. It was these gestures of Ursula’s, the quiet and overlooked ones, that didn’t seem like acts of top-down noblesse oblige but rather, as small acts that nevertheless represented the whole of her, even the source of her wholeness."

(this thought brought to you by how often people here have interesting blogs and stuff that i didn't know about.)

a thought that just resurfaced: it'd be cool if mastodon / the fediverse at large had some kind of standard way to surface people's blog rss feeds and the like.

like remember how facebook used to let you publish a feed? that was of course a stepping stone to their enclosure of the web - but what's, like, the conceptual inverse of that? a thing that uses the energy here to build the whole open-web-glued-together-by-some-protocols side of things instead of trying to eat it?

garden update: the corn (all eight or nine of it) is like 4" tall now.

may actually make knee-high by 4th july. guess we'll see.

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cutoff jean shorts are the only jean shorts.

(don't @ me.)

i'm not even a dad but i'm starting worry that liking tasty guitar licks is a symptom of reaching an extremely dad age.

finding that at the age of 37 i unironically really like dire straits, about 20 years after that season when my shop teacher played those two songs until i thought i might smash the cd: a weird sensation.

of course then you could define multiple backend protocol handlers and the frontend stuff could just get the features for free and oh god

this is the impulse that keeps killing things like xmms, isn't it.

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