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(related reminder: you can probably enable or install feed discovery tools in the major browsers. and yes, their being hidden / removed in the first place is because feeds are being deliberately sidelined by bad actors. fight back.)

mild reminder for people with bloglike sites: add feed <link>s to your <head> so browser feed discovery tools will pick it up.

this is what i have:

<link rel=alternate type="application/atom+xml" title="p1k3 atom feed" href="" />
<link rel=feed type="application/atom+xml" title="p1k3 atom feed" href="" />

...i'm not totally sure if that's correct; i haven't touched it in ages. but i do know it works.

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The copyleft symbol has been added to Version 11.0 of the Unicode Standard!

me: there is pollen outside, i will not open the door, i will be at this computer doing work

me, seconds later: how did the keyboard of this computer come to be covered in a fine powder, it almost has a botanical quality, like pine tree or grass poll-

[violent sneezing]

honestly i just came back on here to toss my github hot take over the fence:

(take not particularly hot by local standards.)

::sticks head cautiously around corner::

think i'm just gonna duck on out of here for a bit. see y'all in a few days.

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jesus christ, could everyone please chill

ok i'm gonna go outside now, pollen be damned.

i really want to go outside and stop being on the internet but there's pollen outside so i keep staying inside on the internet.

maybe i'll go drive to another town in the vague hopes that there is less pollen there.

i'm listening to the radio right now on a battery-operated GE handheld, model no. 7-2500A. my uncle bought it to listen to a basketball game at the hospital the day i was born.

it sounds pretty good.

gonna be a real drag when we collectively give up on tech that works this good.

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