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Fantastic essay about Dostoevsky's Idiot

If you haven't read the book still worth reading this essay as it'll instigate you to do so

Wearing brand new glasses with blue control™ lens, seems like I did a display upgrade on my x200

If possible, don't try to go cheap on glasses specially if you depend on them ~100% of the time :psyduck:

I think I did a great repair, is 100% functional. I love that every component on a is simple to repair

Be sure to clean up your laptop regularly :thinkerguns:

Teeth brushes can be helpful

Nota sure how this happened, all of sudden middle button just got loose, I tried to put in place but it was to much pressure :'(

Just thought, cigarettes industry did the same in 60s. How could this be OK, people died with severe diseases for decades to come.

I said "broken" because most of the time issues were caused solely by dust and humidity as telecom companies didn't care at all in cleaning up their facilities

I remember, ~13 years ago, helping at my uncle's repair shop for communication boards for phone lines, literaly washing those boards with soap using a brush. After that boards were dried up and put under a testing module (I did help him setup a ISA interface to the testing module that had a blob driver for 2.6 linux kernel :thinkhappy:), the amazing thing is that washing process had 70% of success in fixing "broken" boards. Other 30% were fixed changing a few components...

Very accessible explanations about encryption, handshakes and HTTPS in general:

> Age — at least in aesthetic — has less to do with a particular number and more to do
with the way you see yourself reflected in the communities you’ve found

> If there is a freedom here in the middle ground of adulthood, it’s in the ability to
cling to ideas of youth while also teasing out the comforts of what we imagine being
old looks like


Bundle complete! 113 Gemfile dependencies, 266 gems now installed.

Still running, my x200 had a hard time compiling nokoguiri hehe

[mastodon] bundle install

I think last time I ran bundler was ~2 years ago 💎