If, on loading a web page or doing any other normal operation, your software goes dead and normal interactivity can be restored faster by the user manually killing the process or physically removing the battery than by your software automatically detecting and responding to the fault

then your software is bad and you are bad at writing software

Peppers in nature: Imma make myself spicy to keep mammals from eating me.

Humans: Oh god this fruit gives me mouth burn.

Peppers: haha i win

Humans: Im gonna eat 10 more and put some on my meat.

Peppers: Goddamnit.

Humans: Now im going to breed them for extra mouth burns.

Peppers: I...what..

roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

hot #dm tip:

Just casually toss in diversity with your NPCs. Elves don't have to be dainty and white. Powerful nobles don't have to be men or straight.
Use pictures/minis of POC elves instead. Have the Countess be with her wife during a scene.

It doesn't have to be a HUGE DEAL to point out, but it means a lot.

suicide prevention 

You are not alone. You are not a coward. You are not weak. There are people who want to help. Reaching out if you can.

1-800-273-8255/online chat:

Talking vs Abuse 

There are a lot of good people on here. People that have authentic desires to do some good in the world.

If it is one part of wisdom I'd like to share, it is to prioritize protecting your space.

You do not have to take people's shit. You do not have to be patient with bigots with the social skills of a bag of trash. You do not have to be patient with people that do not respect your boundaries.

Always be open to new connections, but don't sacrifice your well being to do it.

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I just want to remind everyone that it wasn't the justified callouts and dunking that got wilw to leave Mastodon. It was the collateral damage. It was people causing the admins of so much stress through abuse of the report system that they had to /ask/ wilw to leave /for their sake/.

If you participated in that wave of reporting: congratulations, you abused another human being in order to get your way, regardless of whether what you wanted was a good thing.

Leave it up to to clearly and thoroughly explain what an "existential" is in Swift:

this is Betty Holberton. she invented the concept of breakpoints for debugging. ever heard of her? you probably haven't, because our field sucks ass and constantly erases its own history.

Riot Games just fired two employees, both longtime activists for gender diversity within the company, for calling out gamergaters who whined about a no-men-allowed panel at PAX West, because we have learned nothing from Jessica Price:

(So if you play League of Legends, this is the part where you find another MOBA to get into.)

I'm using ASWebAuthenticationSession to go through OAuth which is nice, but there's a weird problem where after I've logged in at least once, ASWebAuthenticationSession will just pop up and immediately dismiss the web view and authorize me immediately automatically using the same account.

This is pretty cool in some ways, but it's a problem if I want to, say, login to the *same* site using a different account than last time.

Anyone know how to defeat this?

Scope search in Xcode is a really handy feature.
I use a `Swift only` scope to search in Swift files only which helps a lot in a project containing Objective-C and Swift both.

The amazing thing about the Cloud is that in 2011, when Deus Ex Human Revolution came out, the idea that a tech company might get the ability to manage your hardware was seen as so far-fetched that even getting to that point required a vast conspiracy, a secret skunkworks project to develop control chips, and a fake bug to force people to manually install a firmware upgrade.

What happened in real life was everyone just handed their servers over to Jeff Bezos and their phones to Tim Cook.

Took a long break from contributing to open-source projects but I finally feel like it's time to slowly get back into it.

Started today with two pull requests to Mastodon:
- Use same-site cookies to mitigate CSFR attacks (on top of the CSFR token that Mastodon already implements)
- Send Clear-Site-Data header when logging out, which instructs the browser to delete the cookies, storage and cache

Yeah, I used to feel insulted by the term “mansplain” too. I got over it when I realized that we’re trained by school and society to do it, and if we don’t make the term specific to men, we’ll never fucking learn.

Do better, men.

You are underestimating the compounding awesomeness of continually fixing small broken things.

I've added a bunch more mirrors to Mirrored.Social. Now mirroring over 40 accounts.

Full list here:

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