If any of you make something neat with @snapthread@twitter.com that you’d be willing to share with me, I’d love to see it! 😄

Any microbloggers planning to come to Swift By Northwest Dev Conference in Portland, October 18-20? @danielpunkass and @brentsimmons are speaking. I’d like to organize a little Micro Meetup for one of the breakfasts or lunches, if there is interest. swiftbynorthwest.com

LMAO that someone hasn’t come out with a fast mastodon app called TootSuite

@brentsimmons Great point about social media outlets basically acting like RSS readers.

It also strikes me that some of the popular newsreaders support RSS too, like Apple News.

Homebrew Website Club - Seattle Area - September 19th at Wayward Coffee House (crw.moe/b/hj)

Another reason I’m glad Google Reader is gone: it left room for third party readers to flourish, some of which are now focusing on privacy.

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Had to get up early to be sure of getting to work in time to watch the Apple thing in OmniTheater. Sheesh. Thanks, Obama.

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