@brentsimmons Neat! I look forward to taking a look at Evergreen/NNW5.

(Looks like BP have a typo in the link to your blog post—“30” in the URL rather than “31”.)

@jwisser Thanks for the heads-up — I’ve let them know about the URL.

@brentsimmons that is quite amazing.
I don’t use a news reader since forever (Twitter/Reddit/HN), would be interested what are today the must-read Ruby blogs.
Shall we compile a list or something?

@brentsimmons @KevinMarks if your using mastodon now anychance we can have native share to fediverse instance ability from within NNW? cause that would rule.


What’s the best venue for suggestions and requests?

@mkb Best, at least for now, is probably the GitHub issue tracker for NetNewsWire:


But you can also just ping me here. :)


Roger roger.

Probably my single favorite aspect of earlier NNW was perhaps the hardest part of making it: simplicity.

I recall a blog post in which you talked about the difficulty in deciding what to take away in each new version. Sometimes what went away was a feature I liked but I always had to concede that the overall simplicity was a win.


Does that mean you also got the rights to the most excellent dish antenna/satellite icon?


Good! I've missed it in my dock (in both it's states). Twitter usurped the function of RSS for me for a few years. But looks like I'm returning to it (or JSON feed).


Excellent news Brent. All the best from this og NNW customer.

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