@brentsimmons I feel much the same, though in my case I'm just starting my career.

P.S. I'd recommend the links from that post to my followers as well (inessential.com/2015/06/30/lov , inessential.com/2002/09/19/why ), and my comments extend to them as well. Though personally I look to elementary OS rather than Mac OS as the "big leagues".

@brentsimmons I'm glad you're working on what you want to work on. For me it's the same with Causality (more so than Pragmatic). It's the show I WANT to be making.

@brentsimmons Sure, write the code you want to see, not the code that someone else wants to see.

Most old programmers seem to keep going until they die (or have a big health disaster).

@brentsimmons It is interesting that an application writer gets asked what their "exit strategy" is. Somehow I don't think that question would come up if he was writing software for another platform.

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