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Hello, Mastodon! I am Vitasta, a podcaster and writer, and I am here to see what the hype is about! Love the idea of starting fresh and creating a new community here. Birdsite has become a bit boring and tedious now. Gimme a follow/shout if and I would love to interact!

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Peeps, pls remember dat on Mastodon even *DMs n private toots* are visible to d Instance's Admins

Pls exercise caution while sharing private info/pix etc over DMs here...

@Memeghnad @Deepsealioness @dearthofsid
@discoursehacker pls Boost n spread d word

So are we like an old band now, playing only our greatest hits and piggy back mediocre content on the back of that or like a new band who just wants to be a "part of the scene, bruh." ?

This feels very much like how you are the first ones at the party and pretty much just are enjoying the vibe and then slowly people you know have started walking in and it's only one loud uncontrollable jerk from being a rager.

Are we Desi parents because I am shocked at no hymen here.

They asked me on the bird site to join the elephant site.


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