I'm gross + cute. Kind of like the 'pa-ting' noise effect of someone spitting into a tin can.

And why did my social account unfollow everyone, the shade lol

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man, this guy better Mi-shut the Fouc-up about prisons

Do u even Mastodon if u dont switch instances constantly. Please follow me on @brianahwa@knzk.me

Im not good at the toots so i have to beg for followers like a norm-boi.

I wonder what people that have Rockstar and Monster tattoos are up to now days. Are u guys still jacked up on ur favroite energy beverage?

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anyone else jaded of porn? why look at two people having sex when you can listen to vanessa carlton's a thousand miles, alternatively.

looked like a little bike pump aggressively inflating a tire.

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A really funny moment of my public outing I went to is that when the dj dropped DMX all the white college boys went "ham."

It was soooooooo cliche.

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No one should underestimate how annoying I can be lol. I love being annoying. I was hated on a lot as a kid for being hyper & annoying and ive harvested all negativity into energy to exhaust people i don't like, to the point of no return.

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i reactivated a handful of hours ago and some reactionary is already trying to get me suspended for death threats

Its pretty dumb that i lost over 300 followers moving to bofa.lol and none of my social followers can see my boost me toots on bofa lol.

If you havent followed me on @brianahwa@bofa.lol and arent annoyed by me on here, hi friend.

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There was a YT video of a guy breaking down the composition of Nickleback songs. He made up a song to example this. He had almonds next to him and started singing, "im all out of almonds" in the most Nickleback-y tune ever and its all i think of when i see almonds.

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