He's snoring like a little goose honking. Fangs out and paws up in little kitty dream land.

Ok, wow. No one told me when you join mastodon that all your mutuals are gonna be hot. Birdsite could never.

I guess this is what smoking 7 cigs a day looks like. Air quality control rating is 168.

Breaking News: live footage has been recovered of Ben Shapiro being eaten. If you have any children in the room, we must warn you that this is very graphic.

Alright folks, see you in a few hours. Time to do this "work" joke. I bet it will flop and wont be funny!!!!

But im gonna collapse if I dont sleep so also very much bye.

A very important message to you all before I get up for the day (SFW): 

πŸ’Ÿ Always stay true to ur brand πŸ’Ÿ

I was a shitty tooter yesterday. I'm back to normal again. I missed all the action so please scream at me until im following anyone i need to follow.

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